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7/21/14 7:51pm

SideScrollers returns LIVE July 22nd at 4pm Central!

After taking a few months off to recuperate from its eight year long first season, Sidescrollers is returning LIVE, Tuesday, July 22nd at 4pm Central! Be there when Craig, Chad, and Sam return to the desk to remind everyone how screwed up Florida is and more!
7/18/14 2:00pm


ScrewAttack kicked Mega64's ass at SGC 2014 . . . but was it too much of an ass-kicking to be true?
7/18/14 1:20pm

ScrewAttack Sings "Pokemon Theme Cover" SGC 2014 Ft. NateWantsToBattle

RealTDragon gets NateWantsToBattle and the g1's at SGC 2014 to sing the Pokemon theme song!
7/3/14 4:50pm

13 Reasons We LOVE Oregon Trail! | ScrewAttack

It's the 13 Reasons We LOVE Oregon Trail!
6/25/14 1:24pm

Reasons We LOVE & HATE E3 2014 Games!

Join Ben, Nick, and Bryan as they discuss the games from E3 2014 that they Love and Hate!
6/15/14 5:39pm

Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 2

Sam takes his turn bitch slapping bad kids with a riot shield!
6/15/14 5:38pm

Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 1

Chad smacks some scrubs with his Rhino Shield!
6/6/14 10:13am

E3 Overtime 2014 with Geoff Keighley! (Starring Geoff Keighley!)

Geoff Keighley asks the gaming industry the hard-hitting questions once again! This time, get some insight from Ed Boon, Sony's Andrew House, and... a social media intern from Microsoft.
5/30/14 5:30pm

The Coolest New Shirt You've Ever Seen!

Check out this awesome, new, super comfy shirt!
5/30/14 10:26am

17 Reasons we LOVE Godzilla!

Behold! The King of Monsters, Godzilla!
5/20/14 11:26am

14 Reasons We LOVE World of Tanks!

It's the 14 Reasons We LOVE World of Tanks!
5/15/14 4:37pm

From "Bombshell" to BOMBSHELL! | Random Awesomeness

More than just a pretty bionic arm, find out how Bombshell went from being Duke Nukem's pretty sidekick to being pretty badass at saving the president, the planet, and everything in between!
5/14/14 10:41am

16 Reasons We LOVE Mario Kart 64!

It's the 16 Reasons We LOVE Mario Kart 64!
5/7/14 9:38am

22 Reasons We LOVE Call of Duty!

It's the 22 Reasons We LOVE the Call of Duty franchise!
5/2/14 4:41pm

24 Reasons We LOVE Spider-Man!

It's the reasons we love the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
5/1/14 9:35am

Broforce, the Manliest Game at PAX East 2014! | PAX East 2014

Sean interviews the creator of the manliest game ever! BROFORCE!
4/24/14 2:17pm

13 Reasons We LOVE Zelda II!

13 Reasons We LOVE Zelda II: The Adventure Link!
4/23/14 11:22pm

Watch Dogs: Our Hands On Impressions!

ScrewAttack's Special West Coast Correspondent Marcus Beer had the awesome opportunity to go hands on with Ubisoft's upcoming title, Watch Dogs! Now that people have really played it, what is it like?
4/23/14 5:20pm

Find employment with Invisible Inc | PAX East 2014

The makers of Shank, Mark of the Ninja, and Don't Starve are taking a shot at tactical espionage with Invisible Inc. If you like X-Com and the original Syndicate, this could be the game for you.
4/23/14 10:46am

Catlateral Damage: CAT SIMULATOR! | PAX East 2014

Smash apart a home as the most devious cat ever!

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