Posted on 2/22/14 3:28am

VajraMarkAsura100. I never said that I think Sora's going to win. It's the opposite really, especially if you factor in Weapon Modifiers for pit's weapons(would be fun if they gave Pit Brawler Claws with a big speed modifier). And I said that he needs to carry around the box of the THREE Sacred Treasures, not the Great Sacred Treasure. One last little thing, I don't have a deviantart account. Must be some other guy.

VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on Ray 01's profile.
Posted on 2/22/14 12:55am

Pit can operate the great sarced treasure alone. You claim that he needs to carry a box but that's only not in battle, not to mention that is only the container of the Treasure. When he puts it on, then it becomes useable. I saw your predictions at devainart. You only give so much to Sora and little to Pit. I give both equally a fair decent chance. What did Xigbar shared in common with Pit other than speed? did he have the same fighting style as Pit did? Pit still can fight despite being flightless. I'm sorry, I love both characters but Pit will merge out victorious. This is not my fan biased view; I am really sure that Pit will not only stand a chance against Sora but will eventually merge out Victorious. I will get a bunch of hate emails, but what I said is true and you can't deny it.

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