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RazorFist's Subscribers

  • Sean Hinz

    This section is kind of awkward. I need to write some interesting, but not bore you with my life story. Let's "get down to brass tacks", we all like video games. If you are down to play, feel free to hit me up...
  • JRokujuushi

    When I'm not playing games, I'm probably writing or arranging music. If you need music for something, feel free to give me a shout and we'll talk business. As for games, I tend to prefer games that give you time to...
  • Ryan Conway

    Coming at you live from the Eastern side of the fabled Canadas, I will be keeping all of you lovely people updated on the happenings of the video game world, each and every weekend! Oh and I'll be fairly active during...
  • They Call Me Th...

    Friend me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/theycallmethefizz Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FizzVsTheWorld Subscribe to me on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ItsTheFizz Check the Wishlist, Bro:...
  • Geron Kizan

    The Glenn Beck of Cosplay, the right-wing voice of video game politics, and basically the only person that sees the liberal idiocy that plagues Kotaku. I also make a damn fine denver omelette.
  • Kenshiro3

    I'm a huge gamer & anime nut. I'm I'm a bit of an goofball nutcase with an extremely random & twisted sense of humor. I value honesty above all else & strive towards it in all that I do. All I expect is...
  • joeshadowman

    When I know you'll know.
  • LeroyTheJanitor

    Commercial commentator and avid gamer. Enjoying both old school and new gems, I enjoy games for what they are, Art. I try to find something redeemable in what others cannot. Follow me on Twitter (@leroythejanitor)
  • NemesisTrestkon

    NemesisTrestkon once went by the name of TheNemesis274 and has been a g1 for Screwattack since 2008 until he became one of the moderators of the site in 2010. He is also a specialist in exterminating spambots and all...
  • CrazyDuck

    Hello there ! I live in Belgium, have been playing Sega since I was a little kid, playing every new game that was delivered in our store. Now I have a massive Sega collection that I'm quite proud off but I also have...
  • EnigmaXtreme

    A 20-something, Australian born guy obsessed with games. Enigma hosts his own review show "Unboxed" where he promises to look past the bullshit and gimmicks of other reviewers and give you the straight facts.
  • White Burro

    Favorite games are anything Mario!!! 2D sidescrollers, love the difficulty, Call of Duty MP (Dont hate you but it) Mortal Kombat, Contra, Old Resident Evils (you know the ones without just the name and nothing to do...
  • Zeroandx

    I hate videogames. In fact I hate videogames so much Ive been a member of a website all about videogames for about 2 years now.
  • m3sach

    Frequent watcher of Tokusatsu & Anime, total gamer, pizza eater.
  • L-roc

    Simple Joe. Planning to go to college. Love video games, playing sports, working out, reading and adventuring!
  • MadHero15

    Current Head-honcho of G1 Features, and host of stuff such as At the Screwvies and G1 Previews (all of which is on g1 Features). G1 since 2009. *insert current pop culture reference here*
  • Crichton

    Stuff and things and stuff. Just ask me if you care.
  • fjveca

    Proud g1 who likes music videogames and programming
  • Smoofy

    Ugh, I'm well, first off a living being and I happen to like games and all kinds of things considered nerdy. Like books, comic books, movies, cartoons, animes. I'm a long time fan of the site but didn't make an account...