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ReapersxBane's Wall

6/25/12 5:06pm

Next blog will most likely be top 10 RPGs but it may take awhile since I've been really busy lately

6/25/12 2:49pm

Comix Zone blog up ealier than expected since I didn't have to take my test check it out if you're interested and tell me what you think

6/25/12 2:47pm
Why I love Comix Zone

Why I love Comix Zone

This is a summary of Comix Zone I put up
6/24/12 3:33am

For those interested my next blog will be about Comix Zone. Working on it tomorrow and if all goes well it will be posted by tuesday

6/21/12 11:52am
Blog of a (hopefully) future graphic designer

Blog of a (hopefully) future graphic designer

If you have some free time check this out and if you're cool with it help me out a bit.