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Retro Grand Prix's Subscribers

  • Craig

    Hey I'm Craig. I founded this wonderful website.
  • Sean Hinz

    This section is kind of awkward. I need to write some interesting, but not bore you with my life story. Let's "get down to brass tacks", we all like video games. If you are down to play, feel free to hit me up...
  • JRokujuushi

    When I'm not playing games, I'm probably writing or arranging music. If you need music for something, feel free to give me a shout and we'll talk business. As for games, I tend to prefer games that give you time to...
  • Korig

    Community Member/promotions for Video Games Live Canada 2011/2012, Created video content for TheDailyDL.com, QA Tester for EA.
  • darkhyrulelord

    I am the true conqueror of games and I am the ultimate KING OF EVIL! MWAHAHAHAAA!!! Become my minion as I venture on a quest for ultimate power in ScrewAttack and to conquer all games in the multiverse!
  • MisterBo

    I love me some video games. They have been a part of my life since the age of 5 when I first played Galaga. Then, I got Pokemon as a birthday present one year and I was hooked. Ever since then, I've been playing any...
  • Mach5Mike

    If you're reading this, then hello there, I'm Mach5Mike (or Mike for short), a fun-loving, energetic, and definitely abnormal person! I've been a daily visitor of ScrewAttack since 2008, though I didn't become g1 until...
  • Master Wayne

    I get quite sentimental about retro games, which is my one of my true loves. So expect me to release retro game videos and top ten lists. I also enjoy rocking out on my guitar's. G1 for life yo'
  • phoenix_44

    I like Video Games.... Duh!!!
  • hypercombo64

    My name is Victoria, you can follow me on the TWITTER MASHEEN @g1Hypercombo64 I love Pokemon, Street Fighter, MAHVEL Mario party almost anything. I blog sometimes you should check them out. My favourite Game Series is...
  • ThatPunkAdam

    ThatPunkAdam is just your average teenage Canadian (like a regular teenager but just says, "eh" a lot). He enjoys games of all genres and all platforms, but would choose Super Mario Galaxy 2 as his favourite one. Adam...
  • beyondthestars

    I have a series that I call "Game Changers" With it, I take gaming concepts that are usually cast in a negative light and bring a fresh perspective to them. The emphasis (as illustrated by the Game Changers thumbnail)...
  • Discarded

    Being a 2nd gen gamer if you will, I began my Gamerness with the NES and Master System, though I do have early memories of playing KABOOM! on the atari 2600 :). Im a 31 year old gamer, married to a gamer as well and...
  • SamSaverem

    I'm 20. I'm a simple person and like stuff, and pizza and donuts. I prefer handhelds and arcade games, but I do enjoy consoles too. Usually play RPGs or Fighting games, but I'm open to anything. I play games to have fun...
  • RiiLaKuma

    I am from the Netherlands. Love videogames and anime. There really isn't more to say, if you want to know anything you can always contact me. Also, Bears are supreme.
  • NintendoDisciple

    My first console was the SNES and my first game was Super Mario World, then came along the N64 I've had so many great experiences with this console with great games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Majora's Mask. And my...