Posted on 2/20/14 6:55pm

Anyone excited to go to SGC?

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 8/8/13 12:22am

Let's get Dangerous! with Darkwing Duck.

Watch mean beat Darkwing Duck for NES for the first time!

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 8/5/13 3:27pm

The Awesomeness of DuckTales 2!

See one of the hard to get NES games that is DuckTales 2!

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 8/5/13 3:15pm

Watch me fail at DuckTales!

I haven't played DuckTales in forever and here is my first attempt to play to get ready for the DuckTales Remastered!

Posted on 8/3/13 4:07pm

At this point, Twitter seems to be the place for me to update on stuff. There are two stream vids coming hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Posted on 5/21/13 8:33pm

Sorry I haven't been doing much, I don't have my licence for xsplit and need to save money for SGC. Wish I can do more but I'm waiting for the site fixes at the moment.

Posted on 3/18/13 9:48am

Been besy with work and a medterm, so sorry for not much content from be for now.

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 3/6/13 12:17am

Playing some Pokemon Puzzle League

Playing a puzzle game with Pokemon in it!

Posted on 2/22/13 1:17pm

Forgive me or little updates. I have been sick this week and wanted to try to get better first.

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 2/11/13 3:51pm

Playing Metal Gear Solid for GBC part 1

Let take a look a Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel for Gameboy Color!

Posted on 1/25/13 12:59am

Sorry for no updates for a awhile. I got back to college and other things are taking my time. The blogs will be delayed and I want to make them without stressing. I will post some 30 min let's play vids with stream friends to pass the time if I can.

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 1/14/13 2:43pm

Playing some Beast Wars Transformers

Playing Beast Wars Transformers for the ps1

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 1/10/13 1:02am

Playing some Burning Rangers

Playing some Burning Rangers for Sega Saturn.

retrofire7 posted a new video
Posted on 1/2/13 6:20pm

Playing some Strider 2

Let's see some ninja moves.

Posted on 1/2/13 2:55pm

Sense the blogs are taking longer then I hoped. I will try to post some 30 stream vids to try to but stuff up. The games will be random and I'm trying to show some games some light. Strider 2 will be the first.

Posted on 1/1/13 12:47pm

I was thinking of a new stream idea called 30 min random games. I will be playing Strider 2 at 11:00 am PST at

Posted on 12/26/12 6:18pm

Finally getting back to the blog. Still a lot of work to do on it. :(

Posted on 12/22/12 10:27pm

With the holidays and with work, I haven't had time with the blog. I wanted to do this for fun and shouldn't stress about time. Every blog will have a random time of being done because I will have to play the games and other stuff to add. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Posted on 12/10/12 3:18pm

There is a lot I have to do with the Ryu blog and doing a lot of things to make it easier to make more in the future blogs. It's a lot of work so I don't know when it will be done. I am trying as best I can and after the first it may be easier on me to make more.

SierraFoxtrot wrote on retrofire7's profile.
Posted on 12/10/12 8:08am

I'm going to be reviewing your favourite TV show, Beast Wars! Expect the review to come out the 27th-30th.

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