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1/17/14 8:50am
firehazard51 wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

YOU LIVE!!! Hey, any chance of you an Josh doing another Retro Hunters video. I'm not asking for a regular schedule video. But you know if you ever get a chance I know the fans and I would love to take whatever you are willing to give.

9/30/12 3:26pm
Interweb wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

I already miss you guys. :[

8/26/12 6:37pm

R.I.P. RetroHunters show 2010? - 2012

8/15/12 6:46pm
otakuya wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Thank you for all of the fun and enjoyable episodes of Retro Hunters, Mystery Cart Extravaganzas, Retrospectives, 7-Star Dudecasts, and everything else. Your show and you guys will definately be missed. I will always visit flea markets in the SF Bay Area for retro gold and maybe resurrect the show. In the meantime, God bless and thank you.

7/27/12 1:31pm
KazeMisu wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Hey, another retro-hunter! What type of retro games do you play? (haven't watched the videos yet)

6/14/12 2:25am
lunalicrichard wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

He Rob , I recently discovered Retro hunters and enjoy'd the episode;s . Are there going to be more soon ???? Sending some love from the Netherlands ......

5/24/12 5:20pm
baronvonkickass wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Gotta keep everyone posted on the San Jose episode. I know I'd love to drive down from east bay to meet you guys.

5/24/12 11:41am
Retro_Rob posted a new video

RETROspective Part 2

The guys take another journey back to the beginning of Retro Hunters. Josh fulfills a 2 year old prophecy from episode 4 and Rob is left speechless.
5/23/12 12:13pm
GaaraofMYdesertHAHA wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.


5/23/12 11:32am
blackmaniac wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

July is comming, Rob

5/23/12 1:11am
Chriscash wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Hi, you guys make an awesome show! Too bad it only come out once a month tho. Cant wait for episode 19!

5/23/12 1:07am
joshieofcourse wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

we meet again!!! answer your voxer!!! lol

5/22/12 8:12pm
missRPGenius wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Hey Rob. I hope you and Josh enjoyed the delightful swapnotes I sent your way.

5/22/12 4:42pm
PhantomExdeath wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Latest episode was awesome!

5/22/12 2:17pm
last shaman wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Rob i saw Big Trouble in Little China thanks to your recommendation in one of your 7star dudecast and it was an amazing movie that i plan to re-watch. Thanks for introducing that movie to me

5/22/12 1:46pm
Neronova wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Looking forward to future episodes

5/22/12 1:42pm
Master_Blaster wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

it is done!

5/22/12 1:30pm
NemesisTrestkon wrote on Retro_Rob's profile.

Subbed to ya, man. :D

5/18/12 11:52pm
Retro_Rob posted a new video

RETROspective Part 1

Rob and Josh take a trip down memory lane as they provide commentary for the first 2 episodes of Retro Hunters. Get ready... They were soooo fat...

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