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7/2/13 10:34pm
REVULSIVE posted a new blog article
REVULSIVE's Trip to SGC (Plus MPAD shirts for Animal Crossing!)

REVULSIVE's Trip to SGC (Plus MPAD shirts for Animal Crossing!)

REVULSIVE recounts his SGC experience. Also, would you like some ScrewAttack-themed shirts for Animal Crossing? Just make sure you have the QR code machine unlocked!
5/15/13 8:12pm
emboba wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

I can't connect to mineattack, do I have the wrong IP, or is it just down?

2/6/13 6:37pm
Dastardly Dylan Toomey wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.


1/24/13 12:31am
Martystorm wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

Which team do you go for, in Mario Party? Chad Sam or Jared?

12/22/12 7:37pm
REVULSIVE posted a new video

Mario Party After Dark 8 - Shake It Up and At The Chomp Wash

NSFW WARNING! No seriously, this is exactly why it's called After Dark.
12/13/12 7:56pm
DoBro76 wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

hey rev, you know how we made a bet on mineattack a while back that there was a new mass effect game coming out? well, i win sukka!

11/7/12 5:37pm
Ultra SuperNova wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

Suggestion: Nick and Lauren as Aladdin and Jasmine riding a magic carpet

10/31/12 10:32pm
Ryugaknight wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

Suggestion: The Screw attack Crew as the Power rangers Chad must be Green ranger as well Green Dragon = Yoshi (ok yes Yoshi is a dinasaur but whatever) = Chad

10/31/12 3:52pm

The Attack Family? Suggested by SierraFoxtrot! http://i.imgur.com/zQpIL.png

10/30/12 3:00pm

THUNDERCATS! HOOOOO! http://i.imgur.com/2lpIG.png

10/26/12 1:54am
SierraFoxtrot wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

The ScrewAttack crew... as the Addams Family with Craig as Lurch

10/20/12 7:28am
Branch wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

I have a suggestion photoshop Majora's mask so the 4 giants are all Zangief

10/17/12 8:22am
The Jerk of All Trades wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

I caught this one after pausing last week's Sidescrollers at just the right time. I don't have photoshop, so I figured you might like to have it around, just in case. http://i.imgur.com/zeiWi.png

10/14/12 1:52am

Nick suggested this. He doesn't know he did, but he did. Hocus PocusAttack? http://i.imgur.com/YCzNx.png

10/5/12 1:13am
GhostOfJared wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

Jared will be missed by all, but you can still catch him on thegamestation on youtube

10/2/12 1:08pm
Clayvman wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

9/25/12 6:19am

Suggested by LousyTactician http://i.imgur.com/CaPAd.jpg

9/20/12 6:19am
ThomasCro wrote on REVULSIVE's profile.

You need to make that Lauren Saren romance happen :D

9/13/12 2:22pm

Dragon Ball + ScrewAttack = http://i.imgur.com/jdLF7.jpg

9/12/12 11:02pm

Remember that time Lauren married K-Fed? ... Yeeeeah. Requested by Dylan Toomey. http://i.imgur.com/IYkG4.png