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RoccoW's Wall

4/14/14 4:55am
RoccoW posted a new video

RoccoW - xyce xyce Baby [Music made on 3DS]

Amiga inspired chiptune track, made with KORG M01D on 3DS!
3/28/13 1:30pm
RoccoW posted a new video

RoccoW - Pumped [Chiptune]

Chiptune made on Nintendo Gameboy (LSDJ)
12/11/12 2:43pm
RoccoW posted a new video

RoccoW - DM1 Drum Machine App + LSDJ Jam Session

I don't have a drum machine... But my dad has an iPad :D Watch me jam!
7/15/12 5:21pm
RoccoW posted a new video

RoccoW - RoccoW Visits Chai Kingdom

A cover, remix or whatever of Super Mario Land's "Chai Kingdom". Sometimes you just gotta get some melodies out of your head :)
7/11/12 1:11pm

Wow! Got featured on Screwattack's homepage/frontpage/whatchamacallit! Thank you <3 And thanks for the nice comments guys :)

7/10/12 12:59pm
RoccoW posted a new show
RoccoW's Chiptune Music

RoccoW's Chiptune Music

Chiptunes, made by me, on a Nintendo Gameboy with LSDJ (1x)

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