dragoon-killa wrote on Schmooblidon's profile.
Posted on 6/16/12 9:01pm

you so cool!

Posted on 6/6/12 9:45am

More Valve trolling, or fan trolling?

Has valve done it again? Stop teasing us!

Posted on 5/31/12 11:58am

Humble Indie Bundle 5 is live!

Humble Bundle, arguably the best indie bundle known to man has done it again!

Posted on 5/31/12 6:51am

Indie Royale Graduation Bundle is live!

Indie Royale Graduation Bundle is a celebration of graduation and indie games, and offers a selection of games for whatever price you want.

Posted on 5/29/12 2:01pm

Indie Game Music Bundle 3 is now live!

A great selection of indie game music for as much money as you want! Plus a huge bonus for $10+ contributors.

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