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Posted on 11/5/14 11:41pm

Metal Gear Ben

Inspired by the popular Clip of the Week, this is ScrewAttack's very first in-house series, featuring all your favorite SA personalities including James Rolfe the Angry Video Game Nerd! Join Metal Gear Ben and the gang as they embark on a dangerous quest to save the world from total annihilation... and muffins.

Posted on 10/30/14 12:19pm

Craig appears on HLN to talk about ScrewAttack

Craig appeared on the HLN TV Network to talk about ScrewAttack and all the fun things we have on the way as well as give a brief glimpse at the next episode of DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 10/29/14 4:27pm

7 of the Rarest Nintendo Treasures Ever Made

Our buddies at IGN had Nintendo collector Steven Lin in to show off his prized Nintendo collectables: Pokemon Championship prizes, the Nintendo World Championships NES cartridge and more.

Posted on 10/29/14 2:05pm

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze Video Game Launch Trailer

The Turtles are back in action against the evils of the world! Stop Shredder and his army of mutants as he threatens to unleash the power of a new Super Mutagen that could destroy their beloved NYC.

Posted on 10/28/14 9:48am

FIVE FUN FACTS about Earthbound

Think you know everything about Earthbound? Probably not!

Posted on 8/20/14 9:02am

Test post

Posted on 11/8/13 2:08pm

For those of you with questions or concerns about the recent site updates please visit:

Posted on 11/5/13 12:02pm

So I noticed that we can no longer reply to comments. Is this a permanent change or just a quick thing while the site is under construction? Because that sucks. Also, I've noticed that my notifications are kind of working, but I'm getting notified about things I'm not subscribed to, like everything the Crew makes. I assume that will get ironed out too... hopefully?

Posted on 7/3/13 9:39am

I just got an email now, that a blog post was made. Was this a test?

steve 69 wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.
Posted on 11/30/12 2:42am

reboot or retro megaman x or any megaman

Posted on 10/29/12 11:04am

What do you guys think of the new g1 flag on the homepage news feed? :}

Posted on 9/19/12 4:05am

Hey guys, I'm an advantage member but am having an issue with viewing Advantage Content. Has my membership expired and not updated automatically, or is there some other reason? Cheers! ><

JETZ.acx wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.
Posted on 9/12/12 7:20pm

Zillas, I got a mob of g1s crying foul about this "new" blog system that's showing up and I'm not liking the feedback so far. Can we at least have some explanation of what's going on? I know it has to do with Drupal not working with Firefox...but still...?

Posted on 9/12/12 12:51pm

I got an email about a post that said "Test" this is good because I haven't gotten email notifications for ANYTHING in forever. Does this mean real-time site notifications are being looked into being turned back on?

Posted on 8/4/12 8:54pm

Hey Dev Team, I did something stupid. I changed the title of my show with the addition of a word. This has subsequently broken the link to the show in the suggested shows tab in the top >< sorry!! I wouldn't have bothered if I'd realised. I'd appreciate it if you could fix it >< Cheers - from a rather embarrased G1

Zeroandx wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.
Posted on 7/24/12 10:02pm

Hey Dev Team! Just noticed but there a bunch of spam bots goin around. Just thought Id give you a heads up.

Posted on 6/22/12 9:01am


Posted on 6/21/12 7:34am

Seems to be working pretty well!

Evil Ivan wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.
Posted on 6/5/12 4:02pm

I'm still having that problem of being unable to load past page 1 on the home page.