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8/20/14 10:02am

Test post

11/8/13 3:08pm

For those of you with questions or concerns about the recent site updates please visit: http://www.screwattack.com/news/psa-suspicious-recent-changes-screwattac...

11/5/13 1:02pm

So I noticed that we can no longer reply to comments. Is this a permanent change or just a quick thing while the site is under construction? Because that sucks. Also, I've noticed that my notifications are kind of working, but I'm getting notified about things I'm not subscribed to, like everything the Crew makes. I assume that will get ironed out too... hopefully?

7/3/13 10:39am

I just got an email now, that a blog post was made. Was this a test?

11/30/12 3:42am
steve 69 wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

reboot or retro megaman x or any megaman

10/29/12 12:04pm

What do you guys think of the new g1 flag on the homepage news feed? :}

9/19/12 5:05am

Hey guys, I'm an advantage member but am having an issue with viewing Advantage Content. Has my membership expired and not updated automatically, or is there some other reason? Cheers! ><

9/12/12 8:20pm
JETZ.acx wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Zillas, I got a mob of g1s crying foul about this "new" blog system that's showing up and I'm not liking the feedback so far. Can we at least have some explanation of what's going on? I know it has to do with Drupal not working with Firefox...but still...?

9/12/12 1:51pm

I got an email about a post that said "Test" this is good because I haven't gotten email notifications for ANYTHING in forever. Does this mean real-time site notifications are being looked into being turned back on?

8/4/12 9:54pm

Hey Dev Team, I did something stupid. I changed the title of my show with the addition of a word. This has subsequently broken the link to the show in the suggested shows tab in the top >< sorry!! I wouldn't have bothered if I'd realised. I'd appreciate it if you could fix it >< Cheers - from a rather embarrased G1

7/24/12 11:02pm
Zeroandx wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Hey Dev Team! Just noticed but there a bunch of spam bots goin around. Just thought Id give you a heads up.

6/21/12 8:34am

Seems to be working pretty well!

6/5/12 5:02pm
Evil Ivan wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

I'm still having that problem of being unable to load past page 1 on the home page.

6/3/12 11:44pm

On Game Review videos where you submit your own rating for the game, I think there should be an option to reset your rating, in case you get a different opinion on a game you previously didn't like.

6/2/12 10:24am
ApolloFox wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Sorry for all the double posts. Every time i posted it came up on the top of my screen "status true" and something about a debug error. So i just came back on here now and all my comments actually posted but they hadn't earlier!

6/2/12 6:56am
ApolloFox wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Hey guys. THis issue just started happening today. I can't get onto page 2 of the front page. Whenever i click the next page icon it just reloads page one. I'm on the latest version of firefox if that makes a difference.

5/31/12 6:07pm
Evil Ivan wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Sup gentlemen. You need to fix a bug that allows regular users to watch advantage content through their feeds and on the uploader's wall.

5/31/12 10:05am
Payne wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

Hi guys. I'm having some issues with the new additions to Screwattack and I was wondering if you could help me out. Basically, i'm unable to save ANY changes to my profile. I've edited the "about me" section, chose an option in the "g1 since" area and uploaded a nice little banner. I then hit save and then went to my profile to check my changes but none of it has made the transition. Uploading the banner works flawless but it just doesn't appear on my profile. Neither does the "about me" text or the g1 since option i chose. Hope you can help, thanks!

5/27/12 4:33pm
ApolloFox wrote on ScrewAttack Developer's profile.

You guys are awesome sauce. I can see why Craig was so much more excited than he's ever been before. You guys have done an incredible job. I hope all the praise you're getting makes up for it :)