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17 | Last Updated: 7/2/12 2:30pm
Craig and Nick take on the hardest video game challenges in history!

Freeplay Friday

13 | Last Updated: 6/29/12 2:39pm
It's the last day of the week, so we're going to play whatever the hell we want.

New Game Tuesday

10 | Last Updated: 5/29/12 9:00pm
Explore the hot new games of the week. Should you buy them? Watch and find out for yourself.

PC Friday

9 | Last Updated: 9/28/12 9:00pm
ScrewAttack is finally streaming PC games!

Screwin' Around

196 | Last Updated: 7/18/14 2:50pm
ScrewAttack's daily live show. Join us every Monday through Friday at 3:00 CST!

Terrible Thursday

26 | Last Updated: 10/18/12 9:02pm
Jared and Chad go man-to-man with some of the worst games in video game history.

The Mass Effect Adventure

9 | Last Updated: 11/14/12 9:01pm
Ben, Lauren, and Sam play the entire Mass Effect trilogy alongside YOU! Make your own choices that affect the entire galaxy!

Zelda Wednesday

20 | Last Updated: 7/6/12 8:00pm
Join Ben (Link) and Lauren (Tetra) as they travel across Hyrule in an attempt to break lots of pots.

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