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All videos posted by Screwin Around

Bayonetta 2 - Part 1 - Let's Dance Boys! (Chad & Sam)

Posted on 10/23 | Show: Screwin' Around
Tonight's the night that Chad and Sam begin the latest Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2!

Alien: Isolation - Part 5 - Zippity Zoppity Bi**h (Craig & Shaun)

Posted on 10/22 | Show: Screwin' Around
After being on their own for so long, Craig and Shaun have met up with Sevastopol security and saw their first facehugger! But that was only a flashback, it's just a matter of time before the real thing!

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - Part 1 - They Stole Our Skull! (Sam & Chad)

Posted on 10/21 | Show: Screwin' Around
Sam and Chad head to the middle east to play a show, and get paid in diamond encrusted skulls! But when someone steals that skull, they gotta pay!

Alien: Isolation - Part 4 - No Sleep If It Beeps (Shaun & Craig)

Posted on 10/17 | Show: Screwin' Around
Holy crap Shaun survived the Med Bay, even though a lot of people died in the process. Let's see how far he can get and how many times Bitchtits sinks its second mouth into him!

Shadow of Mordor - Part 11 - Get You Some Freedom! (Chad & Sam)

Posted on 10/16
For one more night, Chad and Sam are roaming the world of Middle Earth, killing warchiefs, or at least ridiculing slaves.

Alien: Isolation Part 3 - Get Away From Her, Bitchtits! (Shaun & Craig)

Posted on 10/15 | Show: Screwin' Around
Shaun and Craig's nemesis got a name last episode, and that name is Bitchtits. Now, the giggling assholes continue on in their quest to get the hell off the Sevastopol!

Shadow of Mordor - Part 10 - "Warchefs'" Gooses Are Cooked! (Chad & Sam)

Posted on 10/14 | Show: Screwin' Around
Chad and Sam are starting to make some progress on taking down the "warchefs," and more will fall before this edition of ScrewAttack Live is done!

Alien: Isolation Pt 2 - Try to NOT die! (Craig & Shaun)

Posted on 10/10 | Show: Screwin' Around
When we last left Craig and Shaun, they had finally met their Xenomorph, and its tail was repeatedly making friends with Amanda Ripley's intestines. Things can't get any worse, right?

Chad and Sam Kick Orc Ass LIVE!

Posted on 10/6 | Show: Screwin' Around
In ScrewAttack LIVE's debut, Chad and Sam head to Middle Earth and plan on spilling a little orc blood in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor!

Screwin' Around with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax | Screwin' Around

Posted on 10/3 | Show: Screwin' Around
Chad and Nick take on the new fighter from Atlus!