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Digging into Shovel Knight on Screwin' Around!

Posted on 6/27 | Show: Screwin' Around
Shovel Knight is finally out and now we can stream all of it, or at least as much as we can in 90 minutes, so that's what we're doing today on Screwin' Around!

ScrewAttack/Mega 64 Live Game Selection

Posted on 6/25 | Show: Screwin' Around
We select the games that will be played in the ScrewAttack vs Mega64 competition at SGC 2014.

Live with Shovel Knight - Exclusive Iron-Man of Gaming SECRET Mode!

Posted on 6/20 | Show: Screwin' Around
The geniuses at Yacht Club Games have made ScrewAttack a special mode for all the competitors to compete on at the Iron-Man of Gaming tournament during SGC 2014. We check out this exclusive mode and show you EXACTLY why this amazing game is in this year's tournament.

Mario Kart 8 ScrewAttack Staff Tournament - 1 Million YouTube Sub Unspectacular!

Posted on 5/30 | Show: Screwin' Around
To celebrate reaching a million subs on YouTube we're going to do what we do every Friday at 3pm CST: play video games.

Screwin' Around deep in the Vault!

Posted on 5/16 | Show: Screwin' Around
We found games we're pretty sure we've never played EVER anywhere on ScrewAttack, but today that changes! We're screwin' around with games from deep within the vault!

Screwin' Around - HALO 2 LAN PARTY!

Posted on 5/9 | Show: Screwin' Around
Today we're linking a bunch of Xbox's together and going old school with a good ol' Halo 2 LAN Party! It's going to be amazing.

Screwin' Around w/ NES Remix 2!

Posted on 5/2 | Show: Screwin' Around
We're flexing our retro muscles and beating the challenges NES Remix 2 throws our way!

Screwin' Around with World of Tanks

Posted on 4/25 | Show: Screwin' Around
It's time to destroy everyone with tanks! BAM! BOOM! KATACK! Download the new World of Tanks 9.0 free: http://bit.ly/1oKMMGm

Screwin' Around w/ The Amazing Frog? Again?

Posted on 4/18 | Show: Screwin' Around
We heard this amazing game had a new level. Our Friday plans were instantly set.

Screwin' Around w/ Super Smash Bros. Project M!

Posted on 4/11 | Show: Screwin' Around
We're hyped for the next Smash Bros., but until that comes out, we're entertaining ourselves with the awesome fan-made Brawl mod, Project M!