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Roulette Tuesday - Stick From Hell, Blind Guide, 2 Dudes/1 Controller, Black Out

Posted on 2/25 | Show: Screwin' Around
Today we bring back an old favorite: Roulette Tuesday! Come watch the fun as the guys spin the wheel and alter how the game is played.

Challenge Monday - Beat TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Genesis)

Posted on 2/24 | Show: Screwin' Around
It's the return of Challenge Monday AND we have a special guest joining us: Andre from Black Nerd Comedy! Today's goal? Beat TMNT Tournament Fighters for the Genesis on it's hardest difficulty.

Screwin' Around with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Posted on 2/21 | Show: Screwin' Around
Today the guys sit down with an old friend in a new game: Donkey Kong!

Screwin' Around w/ Titanfall Beta and Capri Sun Challenge!

Posted on 2/14 | Show: Screwin' Around
We're in the beta for Respawn Entertainment's long-awaited Titanfall and, since we received over 100 pre-registrations for SGC during our marathon, Parker must attempt the Capri Sun Challenge!

Screwin' Around with Winter Games

Posted on 2/7
The Olympics have started, so we're going to play come "cool" games that feature Winter Sports.

Special Edition of Screwin' Around benefiting ADAA.org

Posted on 1/31 | Show: Screwin' Around
In an attempt to raise awareness of depression in the gaming community we're honoring our fallen colleague with a six hour mini-marathon with the proceeds benefitting the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Screwin' Around with a Mystery Game

Posted on 1/17 | Show: Screwin' Around
Today is ScrewAttack's made up holiday "Dia De Huevos!" Come join the stream to see how we celebrate.

Screwin' Around w/ Left 4 Dead!

Posted on 12/27 | Show: Screwin' Around
Ben and Nick are going against all odds by taking on zombies and bad AI in the original Left 4 Dead! How long will they survive?

Challenge Friday - Get 50,000 in Double Dragon

Posted on 12/20 | Show: Screwin' Around
Can Craig score the mythical 50,000 points in Double Dragon without getting a continue? A feat only accomplished by the legendary Jimmy Woods of the 80's classic "The Wizard", today Craig attempts to conquer all.

Screwin Around - Beat TMNT 2 without a Game Over

Posted on 12/13 | Show: Screwin' Around
Today we're bringing back an old favorite: Challenge Monday... except it's Friday. Can Craig and a partner defeat TMNT 2: The Arcade Game on the NES without getting a game over?

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