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4/18/14 2:28pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around w/ The Amazing Frog? Again?

We heard this amazing game had a new level. Our Friday plans were instantly set.
4/11/14 2:33pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around w/ Super Smash Bros. Project M!

We're hyped for the next Smash Bros., but until that comes out, we're entertaining ourselves with the awesome fan-made Brawl mod, Project M!
4/7/14 8:08pm
jgaviles4496 wrote on Screwin Around's profile.

A badass live show ever

4/4/14 2:44pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around w/ DragonBall Z For Kinect!

We're subjecting ourselves to this torture again... and this time, we're beating this game once and for all!
3/28/14 2:15pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

[Live at 3pm CST] Screwin' Around with 4 Player N64 Games

Coming off the big news today we wanted to hang out and go crazy with our old buddy, the N64!
3/19/14 10:56pm
Wantadog wrote on Screwin Around's profile.

Suggestion if you still take them. Screwin Around with Food Games. (Burgertime XD)

2/28/14 3:33pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around with DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Today we play the SNES classic that introduced Dixie Kong!
2/27/14 3:39pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around - Terrible Thursday

We have a lot in the our Video Game Vault, and we've pulled out some of the worst we can find for the return of Terrible Thursday!
2/26/14 3:25pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around with Strider. Let's Beat it!

We're gonna keep on striding along today by playing the original Strider on Screwin' Around! How many lives will it take? Can we do it before the show ends? We're sure gonna try!
2/25/14 3:35pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Roulette Tuesday - Stick From Hell, Blind Guide, 2 Dudes/1 Controller, Black Out

Today we bring back an old favorite: Roulette Tuesday! Come watch the fun as the guys spin the wheel and alter how the game is played.
2/7/14 3:57pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around with Winter Games

The Olympics have started, so we're going to play come "cool" games that feature Winter Sports.
2/1/14 8:48pm

sorry should

2/1/14 8:47pm

I think that maybe ninja from mgs show be in smash bros 4

1/31/14 6:01pm
solid_snake8403 wrote on Screwin Around's profile.

In what month and year was the Sega Master System released?

1/17/14 3:19pm
Screwin Around posted a new video

Screwin' Around with a Mystery Game

Today is ScrewAttack's made up holiday "Dia De Huevos!" Come join the stream to see how we celebrate.
1/8/14 4:48pm
TheMojoDogs wrote on Screwin Around's profile.

Am I not going to the right place? Where is Screwing Around?

11/29/13 4:16pm

I'm sorry but correct me if i'm wrong , why is there no screwin' Around ?

11/21/13 1:59pm

Grand master tournament play a total of three or more fighting games back to back (street fighter, marvel vs capcom , king of fighters) with each player challenging each other with one round a piece highest wins moves on eliminating person with lowest wins until only one is left who is awarded the grand master of the fist title 4 players and up recommended teams if desired with added rule that if any teammate loses twice that player can no longer challenge any other player

11/21/13 1:25pm

Oh I forgot swearing also + 1level and killing fellow players is +10 better to beat your self up as it will only count as +1 in sanity challenge an

11/21/13 1:19pm

Sanity challenge play any unfair hard as rock bitter shit game(silver surfer) until u reach your boiling point. Boiling point is measured by a 20 levels of anger with +1 level for screaming at the tv,+1 level pulling out your hair+2levels for throwing controller or punching a wall and + 3levels for punching fellow participants as they pester you on how much you suck last man standing wins(for extra hilarity do a skit where players are kidnapped by Scientist and thrown in a room for a Sadistic experiment to see how much crap can one player take before hanging them selves or fellow players that are tempted with objects of Murderous nature and an Indestructible tv that will never shut off the game or sound)


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