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1/1/14 12:16am

how to replace my profile banner and background because i did it the same way as i did the first time but it wont work. ("IF") you can tweet me at rey luis mendoza@nephilimfighter for any suggestion that will help.

2/22/13 3:54pm

I'm teaming up with Flapperdoodle and SideSmash to bring the world of film to ScrewAttack! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCTZf4tIkUo

2/22/13 3:53pm

I'm teaming up with Flapperdoodle and SideSmash to bring the world of film to ScrewAttack!

1/26/13 12:04pm

Here's my Temple Run 2 review, in case you missed it: http://www.screwattack.com/reviews/review-temple-run-2

1/18/13 6:59pm
Sean Capdeville posted a new video

Shaqdown Destruction Video!

You've read the review, now watch the destruction!
8/2/12 4:52pm

Now PS3 is the only system without Dawnguard. Le sigh...

7/17/12 4:16pm

If any of you guys add me through PSN, Steam, or GameCenter, please include the fact that you're a g1. I'll gladly accept if that's the case, but otherwise I may not.

7/15/12 5:46pm

I'm loving Left 4 Dead 2. Can't believe I went this long without buying it. Thanks Steam sales!

6/29/12 11:32am

My Asphalt 7 review will be online hopefully today. Then I'm reviewing Dead Trigger, a zombie-based FPS. Should be a lot of fun, but we'll see.

6/25/12 12:22am

I, for one, don't like it when people post things non-gaming related to ScrewAttack. It's not that it doesn't deserve to be read, this just isn't the place.

6/22/12 6:36pm

Number of g1s who have actually played the mobile games they rate lowly = number of fucks I give that they are denying themselves great games.

6/21/12 6:56pm
Evil Ivan wrote on Sean Capdeville's profile.

What in heaven's name brought you to ScrewAttack?

6/17/12 5:55pm

Temple Run: Brave review coming early next week.

6/9/12 10:56pm

Hey g1s, did you know I have a YouTube account? I'm uploading quite a bit of original content there this summer: http://www.youtube.com/VulcansForgeFilms

6/8/12 10:12am

The best part of having an administrator account is the ability to delete any spam comments I see. TAKE THAT YOU BOTS!

6/3/12 11:36pm

Woot! E3 2012! Let's do this!

5/30/12 11:06pm

So I've decided to start subscribing to g1s who are pleasant people in my reviews' comments. It isn't just for show, though. I'll read and maybe comment on every post/blog that you guys write, so get to it!

5/30/12 9:45pm

You guys should check out Austin's review of the Battleship game. Spoiler: it sucks. http://www.screwattack.com/reviews/review-battleship

5/30/12 7:33pm

E3 is going to be so awesome this year. The best part is that I can watch it all unfold here on ScrewAttack. Great way to start my summer!

5/29/12 12:12am

Last week of high school begins tomorrow. I'll be able to write reviews much faster during the summer. Also, expect some blogs from me!