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All Blog Entries Posted by Sean Hinz

[Rumor] PlayStation Vita has every digital PSone and PSP title made available for download

Posted 1 day ago on 4/22
Now if Sony could just officially announce this, they might actually sell a Vita or two...

[Rumor] AssCreed Unity will feature narrative driven four player co-op

Posted 1 day ago on 4/22
The Escapist has confirmed with Ubisoft that both modes will be featured in separate demos at E3.

Elder Scrolls Online had a gold duping bug and thousands of users were banned because of it

Posted 2 days ago on 4/21
Who knows what sort of long-term effects this little guy could have on the economy...

[Rumor] Apple and Google a courting developers over App exclusivity

Posted 2 days ago on 4/21
This means better marketing and promotion, though for now, Apple is not paying money for exclusivity.

The Banner Saga and Candy Swipe say their trademark disputes with King have been resolved

Posted 5 days ago on 4/18
I'd say good on King for letting capitalism do its thing, but I hate them.

tinyBuild has canceled the JetGetters Kickstarter thanks to an angel investor

Posted 6 days ago on 4/17
The investor has yet to be revealed.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been delayed indefinitely on the Xbox One

Posted 6 days ago on 4/17
But it is still coming to the Wii U!

BloodRayne being teased as a new title coming from Arc System Works

Posted 6 days ago on 4/17
With 6 days left on the countdown it seems like the big reveal will be coming on the 23rd of this month.

The man behind the legendary monk chants of Halo has been fired from Bungie Studios

Posted 1 week ago on 4/16
During Marty O'Donnell's time with Bungie he wrote compositions for Myth 2, Oni, and the Halo franchise.

Nuclear Throne is the first game available for purchase on a Twitch channel

Posted 1 week ago on 4/16
Vlambeer offers its fans a Steam copy of the game, Vlambeer emoticons, and a subscription to exclusive Twitch content.

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