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All Blog Entries Posted by Sean Hinz

Phil Fish thinks YouTube creators are effectively "pirates" and their ad revenue belongs to him

Posted 17 weeks ago on 6/19
And when that made the Internet mad he deleted his Twitter account. Boo Hoo!

Funimation has acquired the rights to bring Bayonetta: Bloody Fate to US and Canadian audiences

Posted 18 weeks ago on 6/19
For those interested in a sneak peek, Anime Expo will be hosting Director Fuminori Kizaki as its guest of honor this July.

Rockstar apologizes as Heists have been delayed for GTA Online again

Posted 18 weeks ago on 6/19
I guess there's always Battlefield Hardline...

Largest gaming collection in the world is auctioned off for over $750,000

Posted 18 weeks ago on 6/18
Some highlights include complete or near-complete libraries for lesser known systems like the Action Max, NGPC, NUON, LaserActive, and CougarBoy...

Mojang is bringing big changes to Minecraft servers and not everyone is happy

Posted 18 weeks ago on 6/18
But at least it isn't illegal to make money off hosting a server now!

Mad Catz' new Ultra themed fightstick for PlayStation may point to USFIV on PS4

Posted 19 weeks ago on 6/6
It features a toggle that switches which platform it is operating on.

Electronic Arts is set to premier a half-dozen "new" games at E3 2014

Posted 19 weeks ago on 6/5
Or at least that's what the All Access schedule on GameTrailers is predicting.

Kinect-free Xbox One is getting a power boost from ditching the peripheral

Posted 19 weeks ago on 6/5
Wasn't the Azure Cloud is supposed to provide developers a limitless resource for power?

Konami gives its blessing to a fan remake of the original MSX Metal Gear

Posted 20 weeks ago on 6/3
And it looks like the mod team will need your help to finish it!

Nintendo quietly reveals that there will be a Gamecube multi-tap for the Wii U

Posted 20 weeks ago on 5/30
Between this and the PDP Wired Fight Pad, Smash players should find plenty of ways to get their game on this holiday.