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All videos posted by Sean Hinz

Leaked official trailer for Battlefield Hardline has an October 21st release date

Posted on 6/6
At this point, I'm not really too sure what I should be excited about...

The team behind the Darksiders franchise reveals their newest IP, HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Posted on 6/3
An 1800's inspired third-person shooter that looks like it borrows from Left 4 Dead.

Arkham Knight is delayed into 2015, but the Batmobile is a tank so that makes up for it?

Posted on 6/3
Good luck not killing any pedestrians with your tank, Mr. World's Greatest Detective!

New gameplay footage shows off Mighty No. 2 and Mighty No. 5's stages

Posted on 5/30
It also confirms Mighty No. 9 is on track to its initial release window.

Mario Kart 8 and the Mercedes GLA will feature each other in a crossover of epic proportions

Posted on 5/29
Because nothing says buy a Mercedes like throwing bananas out of a luxury car to take out a bundle of Bowser's Bastards.

SILVERMANIA sits down with some friends for classic PSone Jet Moto action

Posted on 5/20
In the pilot episode of Just Another Game Show. JAGS...

Sailor Moon is returing to pop culture via Hulu and VIZ Media

Posted on 5/20
Watch the classic as it is being streamed to prepare for the impending reboot.

Harmonix' Amplitude HD Kickstarter gets a $7500 boost from Insomniac CEO Ted Price

Posted on 5/20
For backing so much, Ted also gets one of his own songs in the game and he has just the song...