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Square Enix confirms the Western release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Posted on 4/22
The sequel to the taptastic 3DS title is over 200 songs and 60 characters.

Minimum returns under the Atari brand and is being built by Human Head Studios

Posted on 4/21
This minimalistic shooter came from the now defunct TimeGate Studios.

Videoball's sweet science will blow your mind! | PAX East 2014

Posted on 4/18
The "official" unofficial trailer for video ball will restore your faith in video game sporting.

Watch Dogs to receive a direct sequel on launch day in the form of an eBook

Posted on 4/18
Called Watch Dogs: //N/ Dark Clouds from author John Shirley, it's the first ever digital only release for Ubisoft's literary pursuits.

Blizzard has decided to market World of Warcraft in the silliest way possible

Posted on 4/18
By taking the model of the popular American Chopper franchise and applying it to WoW.

Team Four Star and Did You Know Gaming at SGC, plus a FREE t-shirt!

Posted on 4/17
You can get yourself a free SGC t-shirt by simply pre-registering for the event. Just make sure you buy a badge before April 30th

Super Smash Wars enters its final chapter and a hero returns

Posted on 4/15
Part one of the epic Star Wars and Super Smash Bros. crossover!

Severed invites you to loose a limb in this new action game from Drinkbox Studios

Posted on 4/14
The folks behind Guacamelee! and Mutant Blobs Attack are making this trippy game for "gesture based" platforms.

All of the Borderlands: The Pre Sequel rumors are true and the game is at PAX East!

Posted on 4/9
Oh and Claptrap is a playable character for the first time!

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is quite possibly the best looking 2D fighter in the franchise

Posted on 4/8
And it's an unofficial fan game built in Mugen!

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