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Posted on 6/18/13 4:26pm

For the next Death Battle you got to wait next week for it. This was confirmed by Ben himself on twitter.

Posted on 5/5/13 1:56pm

Sorry about that. Still getting my stuff sorted. The blogs not a giant wall of text anymore.

Posted on 9/5/12 4:02pm

Good news. My internship is done, which means I can focus on this blog again. Expect a new Essays on Iji dealing with the three major charcters of the game followed by a new DB Analysis between a match up of Donkey and Diddy Kong versus Banjo and Kazooie.

Posted on 7/27/12 9:17pm

In unrelated news, my canon interpretation of Chrono Trigger's story is that Frog takes Chrono's place as leader after you-know-what happened and the team had a touching buruial for thier late leader before setting out to finish the job. No random deus-ex machinas here.

Posted on 7/27/12 9:15pm

I was going to make a blog defending modern Pokemon games against constant complaints I hear, but then I discovered PokemonShowdown! and have been addicted since.

Posted on 7/15/12 11:17am

A Brief Comparison of Persona 3 and 4

I take a look at the strengths and flaws that the third and fourth entries in the Shin Megami Tensei Persona series have in an attempt to find which of the two games are superior.

Posted on 6/19/12 10:51am

Essays on Iji: Allusions Through Antagonists (Spoilers)

I take at look at the two alien factions in Iji, the Tasen and the Komato, and compare them in an attempt to find the the hidden significance of their portrayal.

Posted on 6/16/12 1:18pm

A Little Cameo I Noticed In a Wreck It Ralph Screenshot

It looks like a certain race of white fuzzballs will be joining Bowser and Q-Bert in the upcoming Disney flick.

Posted on 6/13/12 7:49pm

Character Analysis: Murray

I examine the different characterizations of Murray in the first two Sly Cooper games and theorize how the Murray from the first game became "The Murray" from the second.

Posted on 6/12/12 7:26pm

Essays on Iji: It's All Your Fault (Spoilers)

In the first proper entry in my analysis of Iji, I look at a pivotal point in the game where the player's unwitting actions affect the protagonists of the game.

Posted on 6/12/12 7:26pm

Essays on Iji: Introduction (Spoilers)

Join me in an ongoing series in which I analyze the characters, narrative, structure, and themes of the indie game Iji in an effort to display the potential depth that this medium is capable of.

Posted on 6/12/12 6:57pm

Thanks a ton man! =D

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