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11/4/12 2:40pm
Zelda's condiments

Zelda's condiments

Zelda is making some ketchup and mayonnaise.
10/10/12 11:55pm

Finished making the second part of Screwattack 2022. Didn't know it counted as published 3 days ago, so, anyway, please give a check here: http://www.screwattack.com/news/screwattack-2022-part-ii Thanks!!!

10/10/12 11:02pm
Screwattack 2022 - part II

Screwattack 2022 - part II

The wicked future of the videogame industry returns on this second edition of Screwattack 2022, this time focused in Hard News only.
7/24/12 12:32am
Screwattack 2022

Screwattack 2022

What if we take a jump to the future, and see what will become from the videogame industry in Screwattack.com? Come and have good laughs in this humor blog that shows the gaming future in a funny, crazy and sarcastic approach!
7/23/12 8:54pm

Lots of 503 errors today to post blog entries. Don't know what's going on here... any suggestions?

7/17/12 10:14am

I'm creating my first blog here! It'll be a funny text and images from our gaming future. It's going to be called "Screwattack 2022". Hope you have good laughs with it!!!