• ShadowCaio

      Screwattack 2022 - part II

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the second edition of Screwattack 2022. This one is all about Hard News. Yes, things looks very exagerated, but that's the thing in this humor blog. Remember, constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome on the comments. Enjoy!




      Microsoft announces  Analog sticks as a Day 1 DLC for the new Xbox basic pack.

      Years ago, a basic pack of a videogame console should come with the console itself, connectors and one controller, at least.

      Well, Microsoft is taking a step ahead on making things more basic than ever, using the well estabilished Day-1 DLC market. The lowest price pack will come with a controller that doesn't have analog sticks. You can, or, you'll need to order them by Xbox Live or any authorized store.

      Remember that time when you buy a game or a console, you are buying the full expericence, actually? Neiter do I...


      EA's Origin maintains leadership on sales!

      Some years ago Electronic Arts decided to jump into the console market by using their dedicated service Origin as the banner to be followed. Gamers that were already forced to use this system to play EA's games kinda felt without a choice, as powerful popular franchises such as  Madden, FIFA, Battlefield and Mass Efect became Origin exclusivities.

      Hardcore gamers decided to stay with EA and so Origin keeps increasing the lead on units sold wordwide. The other debuting console in this generation is from Valve, that STILL didn't released Half-Life 3, teased as a launch title years ago. Casual audiences are, as known, with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, the motion-control enthusiasts.


      Nintendo finally enters in the Free-to-play games era! First one will be The Legend fo Zelda.

      Free-to-play games became popular almost a decade ago, but japanese company Nintendo refused to enter on this kind of business. Until now.

      New Legend of Zelda is confirmed as a free-to-play experience, in an open Hyrule world. Real money can be converted into Ruppees, and you can expect to use it to buy your items, enter in dungeons and fight bosses. Also, don't expect that Map, Compass and Boss Key will come for free.


      New God of War game sponsors are revealed. Advertising will pop on your screen each 15 minutes.

      In-game advertising, which are a standard now, for the new God of War game were revealed. Sony listed itself on the game to sell their bunch of electronics as well as Amazon, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Honda, Toyota and all of Gran Turismo's automakers.

      This time, while Kratos is fighting his mythological enemies, players will be able to order food, buy electronics, run for prizes such as TV's, tablets and even cars!

      Adds will pop-up in the screen every 15 minutes (Playstation Plus members will be 30 minutes).


      Resident Evil 9 will come as an Action FPS with recovering health and unlimited ammo.

      Resident Evil 9 new director informed that Capcom wants the series to continue improving and look more appealing to core players, so he confirms rumors that the genre will enter in the action-FPS genre. And in addiction to help, the Beginner, Novice and Professional dificulties will have infinite ammo and a recovering health system. Players that want some challenge will have to download the Insane difficulty (that is already locked in the game, but, you know, it's Capcom).


      Microsoft renews the Killer Instinct trademark... again...

      Since the tragedy of 2013's K3 - Killer Instinct Kinect, K.I. fans gave up on the series' future. But now, again, Microsoft renewed the Killer Instinct trademark. Will this be another trolling episode for the long-lost-glory franchise, or maybe finally the REAL K.I. 3 will come out of the freezer?


      That's it for today. Thanks for reading!

      Hope you enjoyed the article, and sorry if I mispelled some words, I will try to fix this errors.

      Here's the link for my previous entry: http://www.screwattack.com/news/screwattack-2022-0

      See you next time o/

    • ShadowCaio

      Screwattack 2022

      4 years ago

      Hello there G1’s, this is my first ever blog entry on this amazing website!

      The idea of Screwattack 2022 is to imagine how the site will appear 10 years ahead by viewing the videogame industry and the shows with a funny, crazy and sarcastic humor approach. Have fun!!!


      WELCOME TO SCREWATTACK 2022 - THE FUTURE IS HERE... and we want to go back!!!



      Nintendo’s next console will run DVD’s. According to Mr. Iwata:

      We think that now it’s the right time...


      After an audience of 3 people, Microsoft gives up from future E3 Press-Conferences.



       Uwe Boll on his ‘Super Mario Bros. Remake’:

       This time it will be a BLAST!



      Some of the Nintendo 4DS owners claims that the Time-Travel feature is not 100% safe.




       Super Gangsta Bros. is the game that saved Nintendo from bankruptcy. It has a great gaming concept that introduces young audiences to the weapons, blood and violence that a true hardcore mature game must have.
      SCORE: 9/10.




      Jared went through all of the 36 different versions of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but which one is the best?



      RARE - 20 years of CRAP!

      The nerd played all games lauched by Rare since Microsoft secured their fall from the top back in the distant year of 2002.


      P.S.: I’ll appreciate some comments from you guys, your opinion, some help tips if you want and constructive criticism is also welcome, since I pretend to continue this entries.

      So, many thanks for watching, and see you next time with part 2!!!

    • ShadowCaio

      Zelda's condiments

      4 years ago

      Just for a curiosity matter, on one of my work travels, I found on northeastern Brazil some ketchup and mayonnaise sachets made by some "Zelda" company. Found interesting and took a picture with my phone:

      I wonder how the economy in Hyrule is going? Maybe the Royal Family are in need of Ruppees ;)

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