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2/7/13 5:54pm

Hello everyone, quick news, I reached 100 followers on twitch and as promised, I will do a 24 hour marathon on Ninja Gaiden for NES, of course there willl be other games but the NG Trilogy will be the main focus, stay tuned for updates about date and time, any game you would like to see? let me know

2/1/13 11:08pm
Gaijin Goombah wrote on Shiro937's profile.

Thanks much!

8/20/12 10:54pm
Shiro937 posted a new video

NES Saturday: Ninja Gaiden (NES) Part 3

this is where frustration started to become an issue... I didnt know what to do, my brain was blocked... watch and enjoy frustration build up
8/17/12 11:33pm
Shiro937 posted a new video

NES Saturday: Ninja Gaiden (NES) Part 2

Continuing on... frustation is settling, anger and skype are getting to me.
8/17/12 11:28pm
Shiro937 posted a new video

NES Saturday: Ninja Gaiden (NES) Part 1

The time has come to take down my nemesis on the NES. Ninja Gaiden on NES is one of those I wasNEVER able to beat. But I wont stop until I do, it will take a while but I will beat it!
8/8/12 10:08am

I shall be trying to make a Blog sometime about TOP 10 Metroid Prime (1, 2, and 3) Boss battles!

7/28/12 2:13am
Shiro937 posted a new video

NES Saturday Special Edition: Battle Kid 2 Demo

Well Sivak Games released a demo a Battle Kid 2
7/28/12 2:02am
Shiro937 posted a new show
NES Saturday

NES Saturday

Saturdays are going old school, time to take this old friend of mine and beat games that as a child I couldn't.
7/25/12 2:56pm
Shiro937 posted a new video

SGC 3 Kickstarter Promise The Shaving of the Beard

Making good on my promise for shaving of the beard, here is the proof, no matter what other idiots say... we want this so we must stand together to make this happens.
7/25/12 2:33pm
Shiro937 posted a new show
SGC 3 Kickstarter Promise The Shaving of the Beard

SGC 3 Kickstarter Promise The Shaving of the Beard

I made a promise, 35k during the minimarathon and I would shave The Beard... well here it is.
6/29/12 2:04pm

Now then my dear subscribers of screwattack.com tonight starting at 730pm EST/630pm CST I will start a stream of Castlevania Bloodlines @ twitch.tv/shiro937 at 930pmEST/830pmCST I will finish and Tom the Iron Man will start his stream of the end of blackthorne @ twitch.tv/tomtheironman and then what EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD WANTS MARIO PARTY 5 AFTER DARK at 12est/11pmcst @ twitch.tv/screwattack.com

5/30/12 3:14pm

#shelbyformarioparty5 #g1Nation #ScrewAttack

5/29/12 5:00pm

sooooo it says hard news is up... then I get there to find a 403 AND a message saying I screwed up?? how did I screwed up?

5/25/12 5:14pm

Cloud vs Link conversation between me and a buddy

5/22/12 8:09pm
squaredrabbit wrote on Shiro937's profile.

yo dude, im from puerto rico as well, lets be buddies

5/22/12 4:53pm
Jackal08 wrote on Shiro937's profile.

i gonna bet from that nokia mjolnir that you are a 9 gager am i wrong?


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