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SideScrollers Season 2 Preview

Posted on 6/27 | Show: SideScrollers
Craig, Sam and Chad recently got together to test out some new equipment for season two of SideScrollers. We thought we'd share the ridiculousness. Season 2 officially premieres July 22nd, live at 4pm central.

SideScrollers - "Season Finale"

Posted on 1/8 | Show: SideScrollers
The guys wind down the season of SideScrollers live from MAGfest. SideScrollers will return!

SideScrollers - "The Best of the Worst"

Posted on 12/25 | Show: SideScrollers
As we prepare to end of eight year season of SideScrollers and take a little break some of the crew, both past a present, reflect on their most memorable moments on SideScrollers.

"Dino Attack!" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/17 | Show: SideScrollers
The SideScrollers are transformed into ravenous dinosaurs! Hold on to your butts!

"Holy Dart Champion" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/11 | Show: SideScrollers
Jesus has been exiled from dart tournaments, idiots play with a gun, and Bryan's beard gets around.

"Ben's New Scarf" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/4 | Show: SideScrollers
What's the strangest way to knit a scarf? And how would Ben look as a sexy woman? Do you even want to know either answer? Well, you're about to find out.

SideScrollers - "Child Puncher"

Posted on 11/20 | Show: SideScrollers
Child puncher. 'Nuff said.

SideScrollers - "Military State"

Posted on 11/13 | Show: SideScrollers
Enemas, cavity searches, and scrotum nailing. The police are going nuts!

SideScrollers - "Murder Sex"

Posted on 11/6 | Show: SideScrollers
What can the young learn from R Rated movies? Swear words, human anatomy, and murder sex.

SideScrollers - "Performance Art: A Pain In The Ass"

Posted on 10/29 | Show: SideScrollers
Nick returns, Sessler's Twitter, and strange performance art.

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