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The F#*k Jar | SideScrollers

Posted on 8/19
Old skeletons get dragged out of the closet, the guys relive old school gaming days, and people are putting things in places you really wish they wouldn't on this week's SideScrollers!

SideScrollers - "TMNT Throwdown"

Posted on 8/13 | Show: SideScrollers
While Chad gets things ripped out of his mouth, Nick sits in on SideScrollers to do a little ninja rappin' about the new TMNT movie with Craig! Was it what each guy wanted? What was wrong with it? Also, why are cows making barns explode in Germany? And just how far will one man go to spite a child?

SideScrollers - High & Tight

Posted on 8/6 | Show: SideScrollers
The move is pretty much finished, so it's time to get back to talking about things like robots in the Olympics, Sam's balls, and the poetic abilities of cats. Welcome to this week's SideScrollers!

SideScrollers Rides Again! Season 2 Premiere! | SIdeScrollers

Posted on 7/24 | Show: SideScrollers
SideScrollers is back for Season 2! Chad, Craig, and Sam are reveling in Inafune giving Mega Man fans what they want, Jet Ski blowjob fights, and discovering kids are smarter than they think.

SideScrollers Season 2 Preview

Posted on 6/27 | Show: SideScrollers
Craig, Sam and Chad recently got together to test out some new equipment for season two of SideScrollers. We thought we'd share the ridiculousness. Season 2 officially premieres July 22nd, live at 4pm central.

SideScrollers - "Season Finale"

Posted on 1/8 | Show: SideScrollers
The guys wind down the season of SideScrollers live from MAGfest. SideScrollers will return!

SideScrollers - "The Best of the Worst"

Posted on 12/25 | Show: SideScrollers
As we prepare to end of eight year season of SideScrollers and take a little break some of the crew, both past a present, reflect on their most memorable moments on SideScrollers.

"Dino Attack!" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/17 | Show: SideScrollers
The SideScrollers are transformed into ravenous dinosaurs! Hold on to your butts!

"Holy Dart Champion" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/11 | Show: SideScrollers
Jesus has been exiled from dart tournaments, idiots play with a gun, and Bryan's beard gets around.

"Ben's New Scarf" - SideScrollers

Posted on 12/4 | Show: SideScrollers
What's the strangest way to knit a scarf? And how would Ben look as a sexy woman? Do you even want to know either answer? Well, you're about to find out.