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8/26/14 10:35pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

"The Amazing PAX D*ck Kick" - SideScrollers

We know why Scottish trains don't run on time, why we may have to go back to Tokyo, and we have big PAX plans to reveal this week on SideScrollers!
8/26/14 1:45pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers LIVE at 4pm Central!

We know why Scottish trains don't run on time, why we may have to go back to Tokyo, and we have big PAX plans to reveal this week on SideScrollers!
8/19/14 1:38pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

The F#*k Jar | SideScrollers

Old skeletons get dragged out of the closet, the guys relive old school gaming days, and people are putting things in places you really wish they wouldn't on this week's SideScrollers!
8/8/14 8:32am
Zylvyn wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

Hey there guys. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm so glad that Sidescrollers has returned. Listened to your podcast while I was driving around for work for years now. Lately, though, your RSS feed hasn't been updating my podcast app with any of your new shows... But it does still show all the old ones. Is there a second RSS feed for season two's audio files?

8/6/14 1:30pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers - High & Tight

The move is pretty much finished, so it's time to get back to talking about things like robots in the Olympics, Sam's balls, and the poetic abilities of cats. Welcome to this week's SideScrollers!
7/28/14 1:18am
HizumiLOVELESS wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

dang i haven't been on screwattack in 2 years. I feel bad because when i joined, screwattack was my favorite place to go on the internet. i grew to love Craig, Jared, Chad, Jose, Destin and others. I honestly dont know why i stopped comming to screwattack, but im back and with good timing too! sidescrollers was always my favorite show and im glad its going to continue! missed sidescrollers, it was the most entertaining 30 to 45 min on my video game week!

7/24/14 3:25pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers Rides Again! Season 2 Premiere! | SIdeScrollers

SideScrollers is back for Season 2! Chad, Craig, and Sam are reveling in Inafune giving Mega Man fans what they want, Jet Ski blowjob fights, and discovering kids are smarter than they think.
7/20/14 2:08pm
GoseiSilver wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

If you guys are still doing video questions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et8mgAESsV0&list=UUpAAtIy3nFNXio3gTAzIB7A I meant to say whatever fault it was with Craig's car that prevents you from driving it.

6/26/14 11:55pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers Season 2 Preview

Craig, Sam and Chad recently got together to test out some new equipment for season two of SideScrollers. We thought we'd share the ridiculousness. Season 2 officially premieres July 22nd, live at 4pm central.
5/22/14 7:00pm
King Bowser wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

I'm missing sidescrollers. As Screwattack was, I could fill my week bouncing from show to show. However, without SideScrollers I find myself having to go to other sites to fill time I would have otherwise spent here "hanging with you guys".

5/5/14 12:41pm
B_tenken wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

I miss sidescrollers!!!

4/14/14 1:18pm
darkness777 wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

You need to hurry up and bring this show back. I don't want to go to another websites to hear people talk about video games, they're all professional, and businessy, they don't have that realistic feeling as if it's just a bunch of friends hanging out in a living room talking, like you guys do.

3/21/14 12:58am
Rararaa wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

newsdesk between seasons: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/20/thunder-from-down-under_n_49982... Las Vegas- don't mess with male strippers.

3/7/14 3:17pm
Rararaa wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

more for season 1.5 newsdesks: www.cnn.com/2014/03/07/us/michigan-mummified-body-found/index.html "Woman's auto-payments hid her death for six years"

2/28/14 12:38am
Rararaa wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

season 1 of sidescrollers might be over, but that's no excuse to stop submitting news desks so others can't read them here too... right? - http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/us-teacher-nicole-mcvey-films...

1/8/14 4:10pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers - "Season Finale"

The guys wind down the season of SideScrollers live from MAGfest. SideScrollers will return!
12/25/13 12:03pm
SideScrollers posted a new video

SideScrollers - "The Best of the Worst"

As we prepare to end of eight year season of SideScrollers and take a little break some of the crew, both past a present, reflect on their most memorable moments on SideScrollers.
12/23/13 5:18pm
Quitoon wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

With Sidescrollers going on hiatus I think Screwattack should bring back classic (or not so classic) shows such as Toilet Tuesday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2aNKSi5Dk8

12/23/13 10:26am

With time off around the holidays, I find my self wanting to play a bunch of different games. How do you guys decide what to play when you have free time?

12/22/13 10:15am
Flashpenny wrote on SideScrollers's profile.

Question: With the end of Sidescrollers imminent, is it really the end of the show or just a hiatus? Also, I've always wondered: what are the songs that play during the various segments (e.g. the opening, Hard News, Newsdesk, forum questions etc.)?