Posted on 9/8/13 6:29am

Off the Shelf #1 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (Nintendo DS)

In the very first installment of my new blog series, I take a look at one of the many Pokémon spinoff games. Hit the jump to find out if Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is

Posted on 8/11/13 10:00am

SierraFoxtrot's Thoughts On: Speedrunning

In this blog, I discuss the art of speedrunning, why you should think about attempting a speedrun, and why I started speedrunning in the first place.

Alpha Unit wrote on SierraFoxtrot's profile.
Posted on 7/4/13 2:53pm

*throws breadcrumbs*

Posted on 3/18/13 2:30pm

Win a Code to SGC: Take SierraFoxtrot's March Madness Challenge

Do you want to win a code to SGC? All you have to do is one thing: get the madness.

Posted on 12/31/12 5:26pm

I'm going to kick 2013's ass SO HARD that 2014 is going to feel it!

Posted on 12/29/12 6:22pm

Beast Wars: Transformers Review - SierraFoxtrot's Holiday Gift

Since it's the season of giving, I decided to brighten your spirits with a review of the 90's CGI animated show, Beast Wars: Transformers. Do I like it? Read on to find out!

Posted on 12/28/12 11:36am

My Beast Wars: Transformers Review is up! You can read it by clicking the link. Of course, if you don't want to, I totally understand. I mean, if it's too much trouble, I get it. I... I just... I would really appreciate it, y'know? I'm sorry, I shouldn't pressure you like this. Yeah, if you want to, click the link -

Posted on 12/18/12 12:05pm

As you may or may not be aware, I published my Mario Party 8 Scouting Report recently. Have a look:

Posted on 12/18/12 11:54am

Mario Party 8 Scouting Report

Do you know absolutely nothing about Mario Party 8? Don't worry, this will fill you in!

Posted on 12/5/12 1:29pm

Hey, for a fun holiday present, I'm letting you decide which television show I should review.

Posted on 12/5/12 12:32pm

Top Ten Video Game Commercials starring Famous Celebrities

Join me as I count down the 10 best video game commercials that included celebrity appearances!

Posted on 12/5/12 10:48am

SierraFoxtrot's Holiday Gift

What do I have in store for the g1 community this holiday season? Read on to find out what my plans are to bring a little cheer to your hearts.

Posted on 12/4/12 10:07pm

Do you like generic Top Ten lists?! WELL, YOU'RE IN LUCK!

Posted on 11/9/12 8:19pm

What I've learned today is that DBZ fans are not only deluded into thinking that Goku is the greatest character ever, but that they are also extremely hyperbolic.

Posted on 9/28/12 1:22pm

Why Sonic Unleashed is Underrated

The Blue Blur has had many titles that were either successful or failures. I detail how one entry in the franchise was more important then people might think.

Posted on 9/27/12 3:48pm

Just because you think I'm wrong, doesn't mean I am wrong. Just because you say you're right, doesn't mean you are right. I can admit to being wrong but don't tell me that I am wrong when I know something isn't right.

Posted on 9/26/12 12:35pm

Let's Talk About the Past, Present, and Future of ScrewAttack

In this blog, I talk about the past, present, and future of ScrewAttack among other things.

Posted on 9/24/12 10:55am

I hope Goku loses the next DEATH BATTLE. The rage from the DBZ fanboys would be glorious.

Chaos15 wrote on SierraFoxtrot's profile.
Posted on 9/21/12 7:36pm

Hey sorry for coming out as a dick in the pony post discussion. But that guy pisses me off.... which is weird because I do usually ignore those guys unless they cross the line.

Posted on 9/20/12 11:39pm

Welp, Death Battle has become way too predictable. Considering that was the most unfair fight in the show's history, it was pretty obvious who was going to win. The next one will cause so much rage, it will be glorious.

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