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5/7/14 10:00am
SIMIFU posted a new video

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes announced!

Hoenn comfirmed?.... Hoenn comfirmed.
1/11/13 10:27pm
CaztheGamerGuy wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

Thanks for subscribing, I hope you enjoy the videos on YouTube or the stories I post here to share among your friends!

9/22/12 9:53pm
LeoSmashRoyale wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

Don't know if ill actually post anything but thanks for the subscribe all the same lol

8/2/12 7:46pm
gamemachine joe wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

My first subscriber ^_^ Thanks a lot!!!

7/16/12 4:37pm
SIMIFU posted a new video

Watch as Mario answers your questions at Comic Con.

He also gives his opinion on Sonic.
7/16/12 10:37am
JustAKoopa wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

~Thanks for the Subscribe!

5/26/12 4:48pm
Slayer478 wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

I know you! You subscribed to Otherside Gaming on Youtube!

5/24/12 3:29pm
Icipall wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

Thanks for the sub!

5/23/12 10:18pm
Goomba Xx wrote on SIMIFU's profile.

Thank ya for the sub Simfu! :P

5/22/12 4:05pm

Hmm, guess its time to work on my profile


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