Posted on 3/2/13 3:46am

Microtransactions: Are they really a problem?

Microtransactions are the topic of much debate lately. Are they infringing on gamer's rights, or are publishers within their rights to include them in their games?

Posted on 11/25/12 5:40pm

g1 Wii U Review

A review of the Wii U. Specifically, the Deluxe model.

Posted on 11/20/12 6:32pm

Wii U Freezing (and I don't mean it's cold)

The Wii U is freezing. Nintendo is aware of this "rare" problem.

Posted on 9/14/12 11:11pm

Gamestop Sold Out of Premium Wii U In One Day

No more black Wii U's available for pre-order.

Posted on 9/5/12 8:29pm

Resident Evil 6 Demo Review (possible spoilers)

A review and analysis of the Resident Evil 6 demo for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Posted on 6/3/12 5:30pm
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