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5/23/13 5:25am
SireAzmodan posted a new video

Episode 2: Disorientation

Much improved from the last episode in terms of editing. My incompetence, on the other hand...
5/23/13 5:18am
SireAzmodan posted a new video

Episode 1: Colorblind

Join me as we start off this under-rated Castlevania gem!
5/23/13 5:11am
SireAzmodan posted a new show
Let's Play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Let's Play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Why is this game overlooked? It's awesome, and hopefully I can prove it to you!
5/21/13 8:18pm

Thinking about making some videos for Screwattack, probably going to record a test video of something tonight. I should start being more active, shouldn't I?

4/3/13 9:06pm
The Last Party Call

The Last Party Call

A swansong for my favorite game.
11/30/12 5:09am

SMWCentral user "Yanama" is dying of leukemia. ProtonJon and Raocow are honoring a creative and unfortunate gamer by showcasing his Mario ROMhack. Maybe if we can make his hack more popular, we can ease his passage into the afterlife. Do your part, g1's -- play his romhack. http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=showhack&id=3716

10/25/12 6:16pm
caboose_-1 wrote on SireAzmodan's profile.

Where have you gone?

7/22/12 10:12pm

Try to figure out how to get a Clear game file in Portrait of Ruin with Richter. I've literally completed everything, but still nothing for a New Game+...I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

6/26/12 2:29am

Holy crap, I came back to ScrewAttack after half a week of being busy to find 36 comments on my latest blog! Wow, big thanks to everyone who read it and left their feedback, and sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

6/21/12 6:19am
"Cut the Crap" --  SireAzmodan's Plea to Gamers

"Cut the Crap" -- SireAzmodan's Plea to Gamers

Some people just spew BS whenever possible. SireAzmodan takes it upon himself to call them out on it. Because they're infidels; so sayeth Sire.
5/31/12 5:34am
SireAzmodan posted a new video

Must Be Revived: Jackal

SireAzmodan talks about why "Jackal" deserves more attention than it has.
5/31/12 5:30am
SireAzmodan posted a new show
Must Be Revived

Must Be Revived

SireAzmodan discusses various games that deserve to have a sequel, reboot, or remake in the very near future.
5/28/12 9:32pm
DXKramer wrote on SireAzmodan's profile.

Thank you for subbing to me.

5/28/12 6:36pm
When a Franchise Drops the Ball

When a Franchise Drops the Ball

Sometimes esteemed video games get sequels and become a franchise. However, sometimes one or more of those installments just doesn't cut it for the player.
5/27/12 12:07am

Taking a break from job hunting for the weekend to watch through Monster Rancher again. I've got to say, Gali is a freaking badass.

5/22/12 5:23pm
caboose_-1 wrote on SireAzmodan's profile.

No way, two can play! Subbed.

5/22/12 4:00pm
Hero of Lime Bro wrote on SireAzmodan's profile.

Azmodan! Sup'? ^_^b

5/22/12 3:54pm

I'm thoroughly impressed with the site so far. It's pretty much everything I've wanted out of SA since V4; great community interaction and it's only been a day! Great job, guys -- hope my fellow g1's are having as much fun with the site as I am! ^_^


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