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10/27/13 10:45pm
Luigius wrote on Sivak's profile.

Hello Sivak, I was wondering if you planned on doing a bk2 playthough video on your youtube channel like you did for the first one?

9/5/13 2:43am
Sonic06Apologist wrote on Sivak's profile.

Hey Sivak, I just beat the slime boss in bk2 and I've gotta say it was one of the coolest 8-bit boss battles I've ever played. The boss is so well drawn and the gameplay was great as always. I guess I just wanted to say I really love your work XD

4/10/13 2:33pm
Luigius wrote on Sivak's profile.

The second batch of BK2s is available at Retrousb for anyone looking to buy it.

3/4/13 1:02am
Luigius wrote on Sivak's profile.

Hey Sivak, any idea whats going on at retrousb? the date for the next batch of bk2 keeps getting pushed back. I know the situation is out of your control, but have u heard any insider news about the situation?

1/15/13 11:37am
Sivak posted a new blog article
12/14/12 7:02pm
Sivak posted a new blog article
Battle Kid 2 - out today!

Battle Kid 2 - out today!

The brand new NES game is out today!
11/12/12 12:56am
Sivak posted a new blog article
10/26/12 6:30pm
Sonic06Apologist wrote on Sivak's profile.

Do you think battlekid 2 will be ready for the holiday season or will production take longer?

8/7/12 12:33pm
8bitlink wrote on Sivak's profile.

Hey Sivak, you may have heard of a recent project to kickstart the creation of a modified version of cheetahmen 2 which removes some game breaking glitches, which would then be sold on a cartridge. On top of the kickstarter, each individual cart would sell for $60. Considering the amount of work that goes into your battle kid games and the lack a kickstarter of any kind, how do you feel about this project and do you think it will be a success?

8/2/12 7:01am
TheSwedishGamer wrote on Sivak's profile.

Hi Sivak! I was thinking about buying Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril but I have some questions for you. First off, am I able to pay with Paypal? Second, how long do you think it will take to ship the game to Sweden? Sorry if I bothered you with these questions as they're probably answered on your website or on Retrozone, but I wanted to make sure with you first. I want you to know that I've wanted to play Battle Kid sooo badly since day 1 and I finally have the time to play it :)

7/17/12 7:45pm
darkhyrulelord wrote on Sivak's profile.

I would like to thank you personally for your creation of Battle Kid. I haven't had this much fun from an NES game in quite some time. Also, if it isn't too late (even though it probably is), I would like to politely ask you for something. When I open the boss doors (before going in there), it felt as if a cool touch could have been added in. I felt that some eerie fog of some sort should roll out of the door (similar to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia since it reminded of that quite a bit). If it isn't too late to add an effect like that, then that's OK, I just to help. Oh, and again, thank you for your efforts and time!

7/14/12 3:11am
Tom the Iron Man wrote on Sivak's profile.

With the release of the official trailer and the prospect of being out before the end of the summer I felt it was only fitting to play the original v1.0 copy you autographed and play it live for all the internet to see......and see me fail at it a whole lot. People love you game man, can't wait for the part 2! http://www.screwattack.com/shows/unistream/battle-kid-what-was-i-thinking


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