Posted on 10/3/15 6:33am

12 Games of Christmas Kickstarter Project!

Spread Christmas gaming nostalgia around the world with retro gaming inspired Christmas cards, shirts and more.

Posted on 11/2/14 7:47am

Retro Review 12 Games of Christmas Art Project

So for the past week I have been on a mission to design 12 wonderfully ugly Christmas sweaters for my fellow gamers. I was inspired by the typical Nordic knitwear worn at this festive time of year and wanted to design something that has nostalgia and brings a smile to other gamers faces when they notice what is on your Christmassy shirt.

Posted on 7/22/12 5:06am

Tony Hawks Pro Skater Soundtrack

Enjoy the music that built the Tony Hawks Franchise!

Posted on 7/15/12 12:26pm

Retro Review Project

Hi G1's! I have just started a new facebook page looking into oldschool games. The project is simple and easy for you all to get involved with. I want to know what games you remember as a kid. The ones that you have amazing memories of and the ones that shaped the gaming industry as we now know it.

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