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  • Craig

    Hey I'm Craig. I founded this wonderful website.
  • Domino2097

    I'm Domino and I like playing games believe it or not. Below is my Playfire Trophy card you can click it and it'll take you to my profile and show you the recent games I've been playing on all Platforms. Also if you...
  • Jared

    I'm the Reviews Editor. I do some other stuff too. Twitter - http://twitter.com/ProJared Facebook - http://facebook.com/pro.jared
  • Lauren Moore

    I'm originally from the Cayman Islands (it's in the Caribbean, get a map for goodness' sake) but I've now relocated to Texas where I snagged me a little Broadcast Journalism degree from UNT. I spent...
  • Random Awesomeness

    This is what makes ScrewAttack what it is. While other sites are afraid of having personalities, we know that gaming isn't always about the games you play. It's about the friends, events and personalities you meet...

    Twitter: ImMrGay Facebook: ScrewAttack REVULSIVE Steam: REVULSIVE Skype: ImMrGay
  • Roocrow

    An all around dreamer. I love video games and secretly I am an undercover girl. I have infiltrated the ScrewAttack headquarters and I will slowly take over the minds of the crew with the smell of wall paint! I also now...
  • Screwin Around

    ScrewAttack's daily live show. Join us every Monday through Friday at 3:00 CST!
  • SuperChunLi89

    QUESTS Subscribe to everything [COMPLETE] Customize profile with images [PENDING] Create shows to organize posted videos [PENDING] Fill in biography with an actual About Me instead of a to-do list [PENDING] REWARD + 2...