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4/1/14 7:16pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Sam steps out of the comfort zone to review a modern game for once, and what better game to start with than Metal Gear?
11/4/13 12:37am

I feel like I've been gone way too long from the site... I think it's time to make a comeback >:D

10/30/13 2:30pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Quicky! Shadowgate

Shadowgate >= the most badass game on nes
10/6/13 9:59pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Respect Your Elders- Resident Evil 2- Episode 12

For the Halloween Special, Sam continues the nightmare that is Resident Evil.
8/6/13 4:30pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Respect Your Elders- Snatcher- Episode 11

Sam reviews Snatcher! The cult classic on the Sega CD
5/23/13 12:33am
Slayer478 posted a new video

We're Playing... Super Smash Bros!

Come watch a good old time smash bros fight! Jokes may require assembly...
3/12/13 4:39pm

Well, I haven't been on here in a while, and I have 111 notifications... Oops...

2/20/13 1:26pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Respect Your Elders- Zelda II- Episode 10

It's Sam's one year anniversary! So to end the first season, he talks about a very polarizing game!
1/13/13 2:15pm

For those of you who haven't watched my new episode of Respect Your Elders, I highly suggest that you do. If you need any more motivation to watch it, it's on Final Fantasy VII ;)

1/11/13 1:23pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Respect Your Elders- Final Fantasy VII- Ep9

Review the one of the most popular games of all time? Challenge Accepted.
12/21/12 7:07pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Otherside + g1 Game Day!

Join in for a grand old time!
12/12/12 9:43pm

Planning a g1/Othersider game day soon.... Keep on the lookout for an announcement video!

12/5/12 12:13am

Would you g1's want me to post my Game Grumps/ Two best friends play show here on Screwattack?

11/28/12 2:32am
Slayer478 posted a new video

Quicky! Mario's Game Gallery

That damn Italian Plumber... I swear he cheats!
11/10/12 12:12am

Well g1's expect a green demon challenge video very soon :)

10/28/12 2:09pm

hmmm... seems as if people just aren't interested in my stuff anymore...

10/24/12 1:25pm
Slayer478 posted a new video

Respect Your Elders Episode 8- Resident Evil Remake

Sam delves into the world of survival horror with the remake of Resident Evil
10/22/12 9:00pm

Well, my Halloween episode of Respect Your Elders should be done in about a day or so. Probably one of the biggest projects that I've done in a while.

10/18/12 10:54pm

welp, it turns out that today is my birthday, which also shares the birthday of the NES. Pretty cool stuff

10/15/12 8:08pm
Slayer478 posted a new blog article
Wii Price Drop

Wii Price Drop

Can't afford a Wii U this holiday? Well you're in luck!

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