Posted on 12/21/14 6:53pm

I am officially the new head of the g1 Spotlight. Long Live The King.

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Posted on 8/25/14 2:35pm

Amazon Possibly Buying TwitchTV?

Maybe Google isn't the only one interested in the #1 streaming site in the world

wrote on smoke108's profile.
Posted on 3/29/14 11:09am

Thank you! You now have 67 subscribers! :)

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Posted on 3/26/14 10:47am

Our Darker Purpose: The New Generation of Rogue-Like-Likes

An interesting take on the twin stick shooter genre.

Posted on 3/18/14 4:04pm

Jesia be streaming her drawing of Phoenix Wright

LeoHightower wrote on smoke108's profile.
Posted on 2/17/14 2:44pm

Yo I fixed the link so now you can view the video, I'll put up more down the line.

Posted on 1/21/14 9:24pm

Decided to throw in a prize for the top winner once we hit the goal

Posted on 10/28/13 8:49pm

So, the Spotlight will not be out, and is being grouped up with the next edition.

Posted on 10/23/13 2:00pm

Back in the Spotlight groove. So much content to comb through.

Posted on 10/16/13 8:19pm

Nice to see games I back getting greenlit.

Posted on 9/25/13 3:13pm


Posted on 8/17/13 7:25pm

Fran Bow has just under $3000 left to make in 2 weeks.

Posted on 8/4/13 6:40pm

Fran Bow has hit 50%. I am so happy. :D

smoke108 posted a new blog article
Posted on 7/22/13 5:10pm

Fran Bow is an off-kilter adventure with bloody good charm

A young girl goes through an offbeat and charming romp through an insane asylum.

Posted on 7/14/13 10:59am

Why not check out this nice little Point and Click game? Give some thought into supporting them.

Posted on 7/1/13 10:59am

Sig voting is open, so be sure to vote here or on the forums in the user created section.

Posted on 6/30/13 1:26pm

The Yawhg is a pretty fantastic Choose Your Own Adventure game.If anyone wants to play at any time, feel free to hit me up. My copy is sufficient for 4 player.

Posted on 6/21/13 8:08pm

Tinychat sure is fun times. DJ Smoke in the house.

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