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Posted on 3/1/13 10:10pm

SoulCrash Ron goes to Anime Milwaukee 2013

Panty & Stocking patrols the streets of downtown Milwaukee for Anime Milwaukee 2013.

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Posted on 2/5/13 12:03am

SoulCrash Ron goes to UChiCon 2013

Hawkeye have his sights at a free one day anime convention in a university on the south side of Chicago.

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Posted on 12/11/12 4:32pm

SoulCrash Ron goes to KollisionCon 2012

When having turkeys, and Black Friday deals wasn't enough to have a jam packed Thanksgiving weekend, KollisionCon 2012 was the place to be at. But how did this con do during a holiday where there's food to be eaten and money to be spent?

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Posted on 11/20/12 3:32pm

SoulCrash Ron goes to YoumaCon 2012

In the home of Muscle Cars, 8mile / Eminem, and Robocop. What kind of crazy cosplay antics will you expect at this years YoumaCon 2012?

Posted on 11/18/12 11:32pm

Blah... ALMOST done doing my YoumaCon blog entry for the site... and then.. I get a site error... wtf...

Posted on 11/14/12 11:59pm

I think I got all the YoumaCon 2012 content done... I just need to type up that blog entry.... When the server finally works again... and upload the pics to Sean..

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Posted on 11/2/12 1:00pm
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Posted on 9/27/12 1:09am

SoulCrash Ron goes to RamenCon 2012

SoulCrash Ron didn't go to a Japanese Noodles Convention. He went to a kick ass convention in Northwest Indiana.

Posted on 9/24/12 9:40am

Got back from RamenCon yesterday.... I'll TRY to type up my report later in the week...

Posted on 9/16/12 1:53pm

Sooo ahhh yeah.... I went to a ..... My Little Ponies convention yesterday called... Midwestria.... Expect me to type up a quick report later in the week.... @.@

Posted on 9/12/12 10:08pm

Sooo I heard that Justin Wong will be hitting up YoumaCon, for the YoumaCon Battle Opera Tournament? can someone confirm this?

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Posted on 8/21/12 11:38pm

Cosplay Facebook Purge 082112

Some cosplayers that use facebook, and have cosplay facebook personal pages. Gotten a rude awakening this morning

Posted on 7/28/12 7:41am

if you guys wanna see the pics that I took so far from Otakon 2012 Friday... here's the link...

Posted on 7/28/12 7:39am

FUCK BALLS! I still can't post up a quick blog on the blog section on the site... so I guess I have to wait later in the... day to post up my blog :|

Posted on 7/20/12 8:54am

*random thought* What ever happen with the relationship between the guys at Underbelly and ScrewAttack?? Cause the guys with Underbelly will be Otakon... and I hope ahhh nothing happens with me when i cross paths with them?? *shrug*

Posted on 7/18/12 9:28pm

I just got approved to be part of Press for Otakon this year... so expect some good content coming to the site..

Posted on 7/15/12 3:42pm

Yesterday... I went to an "Adult Industry" Convention... I would make a blog entry about it... but ahhh...... I thought we agree that screwattack isn't a porn site...

Posted on 7/9/12 10:29pm

Since Anime Midwest 2012 is a small con... I'll DO my BEST to type something up for that con.. and post pics... even though the pics is already up on my flickr... well some of it ... but not all of it.. :|

Posted on 7/5/12 9:51am

Just posted another blog entry on Remembering SGC 2010

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Posted on 7/5/12 9:49am

Remembering SGC 2010

1000+ pics of the GREATEST weekend in ScrewAttack history!

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