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6/21/13 10:56pm
SpaceManMonster posted a new video

SGC 2013 (raw-unedited)

This is what You are missing or rather If you are here al;ready then this is what you witnessed!!
6/19/13 1:43pm
SGC 2010: A blog of the best damn gaming weekend

SGC 2010: A blog of the best damn gaming weekend

Sorry to keep ya waiting...But after Premier failed it was up to good ol' crappy WinDOHs!! movie maker to the rescue. So what was it like to go to Dallas/Fort Worth to a Game Con? What was it like to compete in the 2010 Iron Man Of Gaming? ( or any for that matter?) Well you're just gonna have to read this stuff (and watch some crappy vids) to find out!!
6/16/13 3:01am

Wuzzle Wazzle!?


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