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Posted on 3/17/15 3:37pm

NCAA Basketball March Madness: ScrewAttack g1 Challenge!

Join the March Madness ESPN Tourney Challenge Group: ScrewAttack g1 Challenge! Win fabulous prizes!

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Posted on 3/18/14 12:49am


Posted on 7/2/13 5:00pm

[Sign-Ups] ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXIX "Mega Mayhem" is here!

A new round of Mafia is starting up, and it's going to to ROCK, man!

Posted on 4/6/13 3:05pm

[Sign-Ups] ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXVII: "Darkest Knight" is starting! Join us!

Have you ever wanted to be the Batman and stop the villains, putting them behind bars? Maybe you have wanted to be the villains themselves and KILL THE BATMAN?! Now is your chance...

Posted on 1/29/13 7:22am

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Number Seven)

Pseudo-post Holiday Edition of sorts! More goodness from the g1 Sig Making Community!

Posted on 12/13/12 8:37am

ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXV: "Never is Forever" - SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!

The next round of SA Mafia is upon us! Come and see what awaits you...

Posted on 12/12/12 9:46pm

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (The Sixth One)

Even after so long, the Sig Maker Community is still going strong!

Posted on 9/16/12 11:40pm

You should be reading this, just SAIYAN; http://www.screwattack.com/news/g1-spotlight-burger-time

Posted on 9/3/12 8:33pm

"The Mafia is Due in Mapleberry" (The Story to SA Mafia Round XXIII)

How did the residents of Mapleberry fair against the horrors in the night? Open this blog and find out! The story from the latest round of ScrewAttack Mafia, "The Mafia is Due in Mapleberry", written by yours truly!

Posted on 8/31/12 10:48pm

HOAW OF POWAH: https://twitter.com/g1AfterDark/status/241753888640868352 Join us and get #g1ad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://tinychat.com/g1afterdark

Posted on 8/17/12 5:18am

This is something you should totally check out, just saying; http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17418 Get an awesome track and help support SGC!

Posted on 8/17/12 4:44am

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Fifth Volume)

Even with technical difficulties, the community doesn't stop!

Posted on 8/8/12 10:28pm

ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXIII: "The Mafia is Due in Mapleberry"

After some slight "technical difficulties", ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXIII is nearly ready to launch!

Posted on 7/16/12 2:04am

You should watch this: http://www.screwattack.com/shows/randumb-0/randumb-071612-ep-4-drq-less I may or may not be a special guest in it. (Hint: I am, lol) Thanks Bobbo, DV, and Max!

Posted on 6/29/12 4:26am

g1 Top Ten - PSX/PlayStation Games (that should be in your collection)

If you fancy yourself a PS1 game collector, then your collection just isn't complete without these games...

Posted on 6/15/12 9:25pm

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Third Installment)

The Third Installment of the g1 Sig Makers Community Blog! This time, we bring a little bit of everything to the table. Come and have a look!

Posted on 6/13/12 11:52pm

g1 Top Ten - NES Games ScrewAttack Didn't Tell You About

We do enjoy Screwattack's Top Ten Lists... but sometimes we think more needs to be said...

Posted on 6/9/12 5:06am

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Second Edition)

More stuff! Also, it's not just sigs this time...

Posted on 6/8/12 1:08am

Left 4 Dead prequel in the works?

Out of the depths of E3, comes talk of a game crossover no one expects, except maybe Bill...

Posted on 6/1/12 5:06pm

ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (First Update)

The ScrewAttack Forums have some pretty awesome stuff inside... come and have a look!

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