Posted on 10/30/14 8:30pm

The Stickman's Halloween SPOOOOKKY Suggestions.

The Stickman preps you for the SPOOOooOoookiest time of the year with suggestions for Films, Games and TV Shows to view over the Halloween weekend.

Posted on 10/14/14 4:53pm

The Stickman Reviews : Alien Isolation.

Well known Alien fanboy The Stickman takes on the latest installment in the franchises video game series. Is it the perfect organism, or is this game over, man for Alien games?

Posted on 8/15/14 7:18pm

Let's talk 'Silent Hills'

Fresh from its surprise announcement at Gamescom, The Stickman takes a look at what we know/can guess about Silent Hills/P.T.

Posted on 7/31/14 7:37pm

The Stickman Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Stickman gives his SPOILER FREE verdict on Big 2014 Marvel Movie Release #4, AKA Guardians of the Galaxy. Is it all hype and no payoff, or will you believe a Raccoon can have a New Jersey accent?

Posted on 7/9/14 5:08pm

Why is 'The Walking Dead' so Popular?

It's one of the biggest entertainment properties in the world right now...but...why exactly has The Walking Dead become such a success?

Posted on 7/2/14 4:58pm

SuperPsyGuy at SGC : Bad News for g1s, Bad News for ScrewAttack.

ScrewAttack aren't taking any action against SuperPsyGuy being at SGC, here's why that's a bad thing for everyone.

Posted on 6/18/14 7:36pm

Dark Souls : The Best and Worst of Gaming on One Disc.

After playing Dark Souls for a while, The Stickman decides to make his...complicated opinions on the game known.

Posted on 6/13/14 6:53am

Hey all, I know this week is all about E3, but I just wanted to let you know I've posted an update on the future of Space Penguin over on my Tumblr page, got news about what's in the works now, what's potentially being made in the future, and all that sorta jazz. I'd love to hear your feedback on it all, so make sure to drop me a comment either here, or in the provided area on the blog. Thanks!

Posted on 6/10/14 1:46pm

The Stickman's E3 2014 Conference Grades!

The conferences are done, but how were they? The Stickman gives his verdict on the various E3 2014 press events.

Posted on 3/30/14 2:46am

Episode 2 of 'At the Screwvies' is now up!

Posted on 3/23/14 11:51am

Apologies for no blog this week, had some personal issues to deal with. Stay tuned later this week for last weeks blog!

Posted on 3/16/14 6:41am

New episode of 'At the Screwvies' now up on g1 Features with me, MadHero15 and Flashpenny talking film news and releases!

Posted on 2/19/14 5:05pm

Later this week than planned, my 'Top 10 Bionicle Sets' is coming soon!

Posted on 1/23/14 9:30am

Bluugs are cummin

Posted on 1/4/14 11:27am Here's when you'll be able to read the Gimpy Awards, posted in three parts across the week!

Posted on 12/31/13 11:43pm

Thanks to all who voted in the People's Choice Awards, they will be up alongside the main Gimpy Awards towards the end of the week. Happy New Year!

CyberFox wrote on The Stickman's profile.
Posted on 12/31/13 2:53pm

the Gimpy deadline has long gone, Let the ceremony begin!

Posted on 12/15/13 10:12pm

To celebrate, I've revealed over on Tumblr that I'm in the early stages of working on a revival of Space Penguin, a comic series I worked on over the past year and a bit. You can check out the teaser postere here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here . You don't need a Tumblr account to ask questions, but if you do so anonymously, please do put your g1 username in the question so I know who's asked the question.

Posted on 12/15/13 10:10pm

So, after just over a year, I've hit 1 Million views on my blog 'Top 10 Sad Truths Behind The Simpsons'! This is naturally very exciting for me, and I thank you all for your support on not only that, but on all my blogging exploits since I became a g1 back in 2009!

Posted on 11/28/13 10:19am

No blog this week due to me being ill, sorry gang, I'll try and make up for it next week.

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