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StormtheWind's Wall

10/1/12 5:56am

I've been watching Full House lately, and the dad in the show reminds me of Jared when I see him. Anyone else think that or am I crazy?

7/19/12 4:53pm
Gaijin Goombah wrote on StormtheWind's profile.

Thanks kindly!

7/19/12 4:28pm

Has anyone besides me ever play Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love for Wii or PS2

6/2/12 11:36am

Does any one of my 8 subs want to see a new Digimon World game on the 3DS one day?

6/1/12 7:27am

Has anyone besides me ever play Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

5/29/12 10:17pm

I just watched an episode of Powerpuff Girls Z.... WTF WAS THAT!? This is why kid cartoons shouldn't become anime! Yet I give it a 6/10 XD

5/27/12 1:16pm

I would post my vids on here, but all I made are sonic sprite vids and working on a Phoenix Wright series, I dont think anyone here wants to see either one of them XD

5/27/12 10:33am

Took 3 hours after starting but finally finished my banner XD

5/27/12 12:28am

Hey who else is watched Toonami?

5/26/12 5:18pm

Either someone spiked my food last night during After Dark, or Chad subscribed to me! I feel special 8D ( P.S. im not a homosexual XD)


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