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I am "Trailer" Drake "Iron Stomach" McWhorter, a connoisseur of The Internet. I'm not just a gamer, I am a geek in general. I love tabletop games, anime, comics, music, and history. Twitter -

Hi' I'm ninjaeris13! My real name is Nyera and I'm from Long Beach, CA. I been living in Atlanta, GA for about 8 years and I'm currently a college student. I love anime, video games, supernatural, the show Supernatural...

I'm the dude who does Epic Game Music! “This guy can really shred. Love to hear his adaptations of video game tunes.” -Stuttering Craig (Owner/Founder of "That was EPIC!! Loved it! Awesome!!!!!" -...

Wait a minute. This aint a porn site?

I'm a guy.

YouTube: Just Another Improvised Comedy, Animation, Creator with little to no budget. Operated/managed by both "NetNerdy" (Animator/Pixel Artist) "Jay Biblio" (JayBee...

Loves myths,monsters,martial arts,and games; currently attends high school in Pennsylvania; and is always trying to find new RPGs.

hello im the skullgamer01 a reviewer that wants to make video's about everything i can :D also check out my youtube channel:

whining,bitching, and growling about the video game medium.

Whuddup? I'm just a dude who likes to play video games.

Video Game Story Reviewer

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