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Michael Fassbender to star in film adaptation of Assassin's Creed

Posted 1 year ago on 7/10 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Oh, how I wish that were MY hand in the thumbnail!

SuperChunLi89 beats Mike Tyson + Super Tips

Posted 2 years ago on 4/3 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
You're the best Aroouunnd! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down...

Clip of the Week - Weirdest Zelda Commercial EVER (a.k.a. The Benroll)

Posted 2 years ago on 3/6
Description from original post - "The early NES commercials were absolutely crazy. If they were released today gamers would HATE them. This week we found one of the weirdest of all of them. FYI- Ben sucks."

Pokemon: The Non-Turn-Based Fighting Game?

Posted 2 years ago on 1/31
Is this finally the Pokemon fighting game we were waiting for?

Calling all g1s! The ScrewAttack movie needs your help!

Posted 2 years ago on 1/16
Want to help with the ScrewAttack movie? Here's how!

How to play: Game L1bs

Posted 2 years ago on 12/30
What happens when you mix mad libs, gaming, and g1s?

ShroomAttack Episode 4: WTFudge is That Part 1 and Part 2 - Reveal [Closed]

Posted 2 years ago on 11/22
Now what the fudge is THAT?!

ShroomAttack Episode 3: Soft News 01/19/09 [Archive]

Posted 2 years ago on 11/14
It's Hard News, except softer.

ShroomAttack Episode 2: Video Game Chest - Metroid

Posted 2 years ago on 11/7
A girly take on ScrewAttack's Video Game Vault.

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