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7/31/13 6:01pm
supermatt64 posted a new video

Radical Reviews ep#1 Crazy Taxi

A test video for my brand new review show, Radical Reviews
6/11/13 9:02pm
Screwattack survey results

Screwattack survey results

The results from the Scrweattack Survey are in.
6/2/13 12:00pm


Help out Screwattack and the g1 community by filling it out.
5/27/13 12:12pm
Screwattack Survey

Screwattack Survey

Help Screwattack by filling out this survey.
5/6/13 9:47pm

......I should get a twitter account.

5/4/13 10:46pm

Just beat Grandia 2. One of the best JRPGs I have ever played. Anyone who enjoys a good story owe's it to themselves to get this game.

4/22/13 8:38pm

Quick Update: Just came back from a gaming convention. I will make a video about sometime future. Due to the upcoming AP exams I wont be on the site as much and wont be working on any projects for at least until May. My next post will be a g1 challenge involving Crazy Taxi. In the meantime here's this to hold you guys over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAOGxV4Ex3c

4/19/13 4:35pm
The Importance of Sega

The Importance of Sega

How did Sega change video games as we know it? Click here and find out.
4/14/13 11:08am

Sorry for the lack of content guys, I'v been busy with college stuff. Future posts include a blog about the importance of Sega, a g1 challenge involving Crazy Taxi, a g1 survey, and a couple reviews. I'm also going to a gaming convention next week and will make a video about it in the near future.

4/2/13 2:28pm
supermatt64 posted a new video

Pokemon Re-enacted by Ponies

If you like Pokemon, or ponies, or really stupid crossovers, click here.
4/1/13 9:17am

I'm back and currently working on new stuff.

3/23/13 7:29am

Goin to Ohio for Spring Break. I probably wont be on ScrewAttack for while. New stuff is on the way.

3/22/13 6:20pm
My reintroduction blog

My reintroduction blog

A little blog about myself.
3/16/13 12:20pm

My Katsucon video has FINALLY been made.

3/16/13 11:56am
supermatt64 posted a new video

Supermatts Swinging Report Show: Katsucon 2013

Wanna know what happened at Katsucon. Click here....
3/12/13 7:49pm

Progress on the Katsucon video is going very well. I will definitely be done this week.

3/10/13 12:29pm

The Katsucon video editing is going very well. It might be finished today.

3/4/13 8:12am

Sorry I havent done anything on Screwattack recently, I'm still working on my Katsucon video. I'm not sure when it will be done

2/17/13 11:08am

Just came back from katsucon. Expect a video about it in the next two weeks

2/12/13 7:31pm
I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

I need your advice and opinon for making my next post awesome.

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