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10/23/14 12:34pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

NES playing Metal teaser

What happens when you run my black metal band through an NES?
10/23/14 9:23am

nevermind, seems ot be working now? :S

10/23/14 9:15am

whenever i navigate to a different page on the site, it thinks i'm logged out =/ so I can't comment on other articles or videos

10/22/14 7:50am
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

Secret Chefs 2 - A Chiptune by G1 SuperSmashDan

Ever wonder what a question mark chef sequel would sound like? It involves Skeletor. You won't regret this.
10/8/14 4:22pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

Deathgazer (Orchestral / Metal track)

What happens when a legendary UK Smash Bros. Melee player composes a bouncy metal track? SuperSmashDan produces it, of course
10/1/14 9:01am
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

8-Bit Boss! (chiptune)

SuperSmashDan continues destroying eardrums with this week's chiptune track. What 8-bit bosses does it remind you of?
9/25/14 3:19pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

The Rabbit and the Moon (Chiptune)

Like chiptune? Check out the track I wrote for G1 Thraximundar
9/10/14 9:00am
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

Orchestral Track 'Romance of an Empire' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The latest from your G1 original music creator. What do you think?
8/22/14 4:20pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

EarDestroyer! Chiptune revamped to a DnB/Orchestral/Metal mix! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Remember that chiptune track from a few months back? Well, you might be interested in this...
8/13/14 1:39pm

back from Bloodstock, working on a total of 7 tracks in 2 weeks ><

7/24/14 4:15pm

new track should be going up this weekend

6/15/14 4:16pm

Back with some actual branding! Woo!

4/25/14 6:33pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

SuperSmashDan plays... Dr Wiley's Theme!

16bitkings present: SuperSmashDan playing Dr Wiley's Theme from MegaMan 2!
4/21/14 9:38am

So I've put two more chip tracks on soundcloud... I'll get them on youtube asap, just working on a logo. 25 years of gameboy!

4/1/14 4:50am

back on the chip music! should have the final 8-bit metal upload soon

1/23/14 9:01pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

#2 NES playing metal update

NES playing metal! Halfway milestone reached
1/21/14 10:29pm

my NES metal solo vid being featured and the great response so far got me inspired ;) gonna have something finished for you in the next couple of days!

10/8/13 5:11pm
Thraximundar wrote on SuperSmashDan's profile.

Hello! :)

9/12/13 1:44pm
SuperSmashDan posted a new video

Let's Play GUITAR - Sail Into The Sunset's Fire - Chthonic

So, I may have been using product placement in this video...
9/1/13 12:57pm

Finally got around to playing Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. I'm sad to say that I don't really like it =/ it's very pretty but hits more or less every pet peeve pitfall I have about modern AAA games