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All videos posted by SuperSmashDan

SuperSmashDan plays... Dr Wiley's Theme!

Posted on 4/25 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
16bitkings present: SuperSmashDan playing Dr Wiley's Theme from MegaMan 2!

EarWurmz - A chiptune by g1 SuperSmashDan

Posted on 4/21
Remember the piece I previewed last week? It's ready...

#2 NES playing metal update

Posted on 1/23
NES playing metal! Halfway milestone reached

Teaser - here is an NES playing a heavy metal guitar solo!

Posted on 1/20
A different kind of chiptune artist has arrived...

Let's Play GUITAR - Sail Into The Sunset's Fire - Chthonic

Posted on 9/12 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
So, I may have been using product placement in this video...

Cha-La Head-Cha-La (DBZ Opening Theme) - Hironobu Kageyama - Bass Cover

Posted on 3/26 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
SuperSmashDan is back with a cover of the classic Dragon Ball Z opening theme!

Daybreak's Bell (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Theme) - L'Arc~en~Ciel - Bass Cover

Posted on 8/10 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
SuperSmashDan performs Tetsuya's tricky bass parts from the main theme of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Takao - Chthonic - Guitar Cover

Posted on 8/4 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
SuperSmashDan Performs the Epic first single from Takasago Army, the 2011 album from Taiwanese Extreme Metal band Chthonic.

Do Not Destroy (Motel Theme from No More Heroes) - Bass Guitar Cover

Posted on 7/26 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
SuperSmashDan's Performance of the awesomely funky motel theme from No More Heroes