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All videos posted by SuperSmashDan

Secret Chefs 2 (chiptune)

Posted at 7:50am
Ever wonder what a question mark chef sequel would sound like? It involves Skeletor. You won't regret this.

Deathgazer (Orchestral / Metal track)

Posted on 10/8
What happens when a legendary UK Smash Bros. Melee player composes a bouncy metal track? SuperSmashDan produces it, of course

8-Bit Boss! (chiptune)

Posted on 9/30
SuperSmashDan continues destroying eardrums with this week's chiptune track. What 8-bit bosses does it remind you of?

The Rabbit and the Moon (Chiptune)

Posted on 9/25
Like chiptune? Check out the track I wrote for G1 Thraximundar

Orchestral Track 'Romance of an Empire' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted on 9/10
The latest from your G1 original music creator. What do you think?

EarDestroyer! Chiptune revamped to a DnB/Orchestral/Metal mix! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted on 8/22
Remember that chiptune track from a few months back? Well, you might be interested in this...

SuperSmashDan plays... Dr Wiley's Theme!

Posted on 4/25 | Show: Let's Play MUSIC!
16bitkings present: SuperSmashDan playing Dr Wiley's Theme from MegaMan 2!

EarWurmz - A chiptune by g1 SuperSmashDan

Posted on 4/21
Remember the piece I previewed last week? It's ready...

#2 NES playing metal update

Posted on 1/23
NES playing metal! Halfway milestone reached