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TallFry's Wall

1/30/13 4:00am
TallFry posted a new video

Grace of God, the TallFry version.

This video is MUCH MUCH BETTER than my first one. How do I know? Because you can hear me better. I show off a little of my singing capability, and give a happy birthday shout-out to a friend of mine. Hope you enjoy it!
1/30/13 3:53am
TallFry posted a new video

TallFry's intro to YouTube, AND THE WORLD

Well, folks, I am officially posting what videos I have on YouTube here as well. From my rambling start to wherever I happen to go shall be posted here.
12/14/12 7:44pm

OK, yes, I like Metroid: Other M. I'm not gonnna try and convince anyone else to like it because it's make me worse of a pariah than I already am. Instead, I'll just say this. Don't think of me as a pariah, because this is the final opinion-based post I will ever make. Think of me as a voice actor. That's what Ben does, and it works for me.


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