Posted on 7/22/13 4:24pm

Super Mario 64 - The Completionist Episode 67 PART ONE

Jirard deals with a weird sickness feeling as Greg and him review Super Mario 64, the must have launch title of the Nintendo 64.

Posted on 4/9/13 2:21pm

Zelda 1 - The Completionist

Finally, Jirard reviews the VERY first Zelda!

Posted on 3/20/13 4:50pm

The Completionist - Sneak King Assassin's feed

You all wanted a game Jirard can here ya go!

Posted on 3/20/13 4:49pm

The Completionist - Sneak King

You all wanted a game Jirard can here ya go!

Posted on 3/2/13 11:42pm

Need more Completionist

Posted on 10/9/12 7:32pm

NEW! The Completionist Anniversary Pt. 2 - Megaman X 4

Here's part two of the show's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!

Posted on 10/9/12 7:12pm

NEW! The Completionist Anniversary Pt. 1 - Red Greg Redemption

In honor of the show's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, the Mediocre-ist returns!

Posted on 10/1/12 1:23pm

NEW! The Completionist - Top Ten Power Ups, Upgrades and Abilities

The Completionist is back from winning King of the Web with an all-new episode!

Posted on 8/13/12 5:04pm

The Completionist - Resident Evil - "I Don't Want This Mansion"

The Completionist tanks his way through Resident Evil!

Posted on 8/10/12 7:01pm
miguel52sky wrote on thatonevideojirard's profile.
Posted on 8/10/12 10:40am

Hey Jirard, Please do the sonic adventure 2. Is obviously you love this game, is obviously I love this game so why you don't do it. beard I mean bear

zupertompa wrote on thatonevideojirard's profile.
Posted on 8/4/12 1:47am

Jirard I know you have done Kingdom Hearts for a Completionist episode and i was wondering. What is your favorit in the series? Mine is Kingdom Hearts II.

Posted on 8/3/12 1:40pm

The Completionist - Spanky's Quest to CAMELOT!

After 15 years of searching, the Completionist finally revisits a lost game from his childhood!

Posted on 7/5/12 11:30pm

4th of July Completionist Special: Super Mario Sunshine Review for a g1

Jirard and Greg review a game in honor of Private First Class Jared Griffith and his platoon, Platoon 13 Bravo in honor of our country. Private First Class Jared a member ScrewAttack's g1 community!

Posted on 6/28/12 11:18pm

The Completionist Presents: Top Ten Video Game Villains

Jirard and Greg celebrate 20k YouTube Subs, thank Screw Attack and all of their partners, and present to you a new contest and a Top Ten list featuring video game villains!

Posted on 6/22/12 11:54am

Pokeman Snap: The Return of the Mediocre-ist - The Completionist Episode 31

The Completionist has an imposter! Greg Wilmot returns to Screw Attack, resuming his title as The Mediocre-ist. Spoiler: He's still very bad at video games.

Posted on 6/20/12 4:03am

The Completionist Presents: DLC (Downloadable Cast) Episode 1: THE END OF PORTABLE GAMING?!

Jirard and Greg come together to talk about the future of portable gaming on their first episode of DLC!

Posted on 6/14/12 9:20pm

Luigi's Mansion: Free Houses for Everyone! Featuring PeanutbutterGamer!

Jirard teams up with Normalboot's PeanutButter Gamer to enjoy the awesome of Weegee's Mansion!

Posted on 6/8/12 5:39pm

Complete This! Episode 1: E3 2012 The Completionist

Jirard and Greg go to E3 2012 FOR THE BEARDS!

Posted on 5/31/12 6:00pm

The Completionist - WWE'S Smackdown Vs. Raw - SLOBBERKNOCKER!

Jirard revists his past, one that dealt with that attiude era!

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