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ThatPunkAdam's Subscribers

  • Drake McWhorter

    I am "Trailer" Drake "Iron Stomach" McWhorter, a connoisseur of The Internet. I'm not just a gamer, I am a geek in general. I love tabletop games, anime, comics, music, and history. Twitter - https://twitter.com/...
  • Woodyman

    g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry
  • Cyrax

    Minot State alum, freelance writer, blogger, streamer, and moderator. Oh, and video games are cool, too. I guess.
  • Janos

    Just a friendly guy who loves video games. Nothing much to say really.
  • Baleoce

    I'm from Hereford in the UK. I have a huge love for video-game music and hope to one day be part of a touring orchestra that gets to play a lot of the game music repertoire. I'm a flautist by profession, and also a...
  • NemesisTrestkon

    NemesisTrestkon once went by the name of TheNemesis274 and has been a g1 for Screwattack since 2008 until he became one of the moderators of the site in 2010. He is also a specialist in exterminating spambots and all...
  • King Meatball I

    Getting an NES in 1992 started my gaming habit and its continued ever since then.
  • Envy_Dub

    Where to start? Well, I'm a twenty-something year old g1. I have been a Screwattack fan since 2008. Some of my favorite video game franchises are Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy (up until X-2), The King of Fighters, and...
  • LineBeckIV

    I Play Video Games! Not much else to say...Well i'm a huge Zelda fan and as you might have guessed, I really like Linebeck, even though i go by KillerKremling most of the time.
  • Evil Ivan

    105 POUNDS OF RAPE!Evil Ivan is a Sega fanboy who began his gaming odyssey on one of those stupid little tabletop things and never looked back after the NES. He resides in New York City and cares naught for the...
  • kongk4

    Nothing much, but I am trying to get better at fighting games.
  • ultraguy

    Just an average Joe, who loves death battle, video games and occasionally writing blogs when he finds the time.
  • RacingJon2011

    Hey guys! I'm RacingJon2011. I love games and stuff.
  • sheepysean13

    If you want to play some online with me add me on PSN, XBL or Steam (although be warned, my computer sucks so it will be very laggy on Steam) I also have a Wii but I'll post my friend code later. The games I mostly play...
  • Prowler64

    I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a Nintendo guy who also likes Sonic and Banjo. I live in Australia. I'm a member of the g1 Best Ever team.
  • Canadian Brony

    I do stuff sometimes.
  • Jack Archer

    I'm not really special, just a regular guy that enjoys retro games a little too much. I'm quite serious when it comes to gaming. Whenever I get hooked on one game I don't stop until I've finished it 100% and found every...
  • Digmbot

    So yeah. I'm a guy who loves his video games. Why else would I be here, right? I have super completionist problems, especially with RPGs. I'm also a Nintendo fanboy. And, I would like to conclude by saying that the...
  • Cupz

    Greetings fellow Screwattack members! Cupz here looking to enjoy some random user content/media, although I'm not into video games as I once was I just feel that I am no longer the targeted audience I am always up for a...
  • all blank

    just three words GAMING IS LIFE

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