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Fan sets out to remake Super Mario 64, upgrades visuals and game mechanics

Posted on 3/16
It looks as though Nintendo's 3D classic will be getting a visual and mechanical update from one determined fan...

Respawn Entertainment shows off Titanfall's Atlus class

Posted on 12/23
Get the details on Titanfall's most diverse mech, as the game's latest trailer shows of the Atlas Titan in action...

Let's go behind-the-scenes for Copperhead's debut in Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted on 12/20
Find out what went into the re-imaging of Arkham Origin's most poisonous assassin...

Yacht Club Games digs up a new Shovel Knight trailer, release window revealed

Posted on 10/6
The upcoming retro-inspired platformer was recently given an all-new trailer showing of more glorious 8-bit action. Plus, Yacht Club Games has recently given fans a timeframe for when they'll be able to pick up the game...

Batman takes on Deathstroke in teaser trailer for Arkham Origins

Posted on 5/17
The Dark Knight battles the newest addition to the Arkham franchise.

Rayman Legends has the Eye of the Tiger

Posted on 5/6
September 17 can't come soon enough...

Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V character trailer

Posted on 5/1
Wanna get to know Franklin, Michael, and Trevor better? Well, GTA V's latest trailer has got that covered, as it showcases the game's three main protagonists...

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time gets an animated short

Posted on 1/28
Sony has recently released an animated prequel for the upcoming installment to the Sly Cooper series.

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata unboxes the Wii U before your very eyes!

Posted on 11/7
See Nintendo's Head Honcho do an unboxing video of the company's latest console...

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition gameplay video features new gameplay upgrades

Posted on 10/11
Find out what the Wii U has to bring to Arkham City...

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