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All videos posted by ThatPunkAdam

Hotline Miami themed DLC will be beating some sense into Payday 2 later this month

Posted on 9/14
Combining the brutality of Hotline Miami and the hiests of Payday 2, take a look at this teaser trailer for the upcoming crossover DLC...

Hello Games discusses the inspiration, concept, and challenges of No Man's Sky

Posted on 6/28
With the Joe Danger studio's latest project turning heads with its beautiful visuals and open universe, Hello Games shares their journey to No Man's Sky...

Nintendo captures new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailer and release date

Posted on 6/10
Find out when you'll be able to book yourself a trip to the Hoenn region...

Fan sets out to remake Super Mario 64, upgrades visuals and game mechanics

Posted on 3/16
It looks as though Nintendo's 3D classic will be getting a visual and mechanical update from one determined fan...

Respawn Entertainment shows off Titanfall's Atlus class

Posted on 12/23
Get the details on Titanfall's most diverse mech, as the game's latest trailer shows of the Atlas Titan in action...

Let's go behind-the-scenes for Copperhead's debut in Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted on 12/20
Find out what went into the re-imaging of Arkham Origin's most poisonous assassin...

Yacht Club Games digs up a new Shovel Knight trailer, release window revealed

Posted on 10/6
The upcoming retro-inspired platformer was recently given an all-new trailer showing of more glorious 8-bit action. Plus, Yacht Club Games has recently given fans a timeframe for when they'll be able to pick up the game...

Batman takes on Deathstroke in teaser trailer for Arkham Origins

Posted on 5/17
The Dark Knight battles the newest addition to the Arkham franchise.

Rayman Legends has the Eye of the Tiger

Posted on 5/6
September 17 can't come soon enough...

Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V character trailer

Posted on 5/1
Wanna get to know Franklin, Michael, and Trevor better? Well, GTA V's latest trailer has got that covered, as it showcases the game's three main protagonists...