Posted on 5/3/15 5:21pm

Everything Else Last Week | May 3, 2015

The Apple Watch gets inked by "tattoogate", a cable network attempts a Netflix model, the headlights of the future have arrived, and more in Everything Else Last Week...

Posted on 4/26/15 7:28pm

Everything Else Last Week | April 26, 2015

A fully functional Iron Man gauntlet beams into action, Google brings the fight to Apple with latest Android Wear update, Jay-Z's streaming service begins to submerge, and more in 'Everything Else Last Week!'

Posted on 4/26/15 7:25pm

Bloody Marvelous: Daredevil (2015) Season 1 Review

Should you invest 13 hours into Marvel's gruesome and grounded take on their fantastical cinematic universe?

Posted on 4/19/15 10:57am

Everything Else Last Week | April 19, 2015

Spiderman's debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, indie band criticizes Jay-Z's streaming service, trackpads for your finger, and more in Everything Else Last Week!

Posted on 4/12/15 4:30pm

Everything Else Last Week | April 12, 2015

Head transplants, Game Boy cartridges on smartphones, controversy around Netflix's Daredevil, and more in 'Everything Else Last Week'...

Posted on 4/5/15 11:45am

Everything Else Last Week | April 5, 2015

Trevor Noah takes over the daily show, Netflix may go global, exoskeletons for elders and more in 'Everything Else Last Week'...

Posted on 3/29/15 5:37pm

Everything Else From Last Week | March 29, 2015

Minecraft gets schooled, humans obtain built-in night vision, indie dev battles Instagram, and more in Everything Else From Last Week...

Posted on 3/22/15 8:00pm

Everything Else From Last Week | March 22

Batgirl controversy, Kingsman in South Korea, supercomputers, and more in last week's entertainment news...

Posted on 1/20/15 5:45pm

Games I'm Looking Forward To In 2015 (pt. 3) | ThatPunkAdam's Column

After a long wait, ThatPunkAdam presents the finale to his 'most anticipated games of 2015,' featuring an equally lengthy list of highly anticipated titles!...

Posted on 1/13/15 6:36pm

Games I'm Looking Forward To In 2015 (pt. 2) | ThatPunkAdam's Column

ThatPunkAdam continues his most anticipated games of 2015. Complete with Cuteness Rating... I'm looking at you, Mortal Kombat X...

Posted on 1/5/15 4:36pm

Games I'm Looking Forward To In 2015 (pt. 1) | ThatPunkAdam's Column

Join ThatPunkAdam as he looks at the upcoming games of 2015. He also talks about them too...

Posted on 12/27/14 5:25pm

Could eSports make it to the Olympics? Blizzard seems to think so

Rob Pardo of the World of Warcraft studio believes the mental concentration, required reflexes, and growing popularity of competitive gaming warrants eSports an invitation to the Olympics...

Posted on 12/22/14 2:08pm

How Rayman Legends Adds Gameplay Variety Without You Knowing | ThatPunkAdam's Column

Rayman Legends doesn't play by the rules! At least when it comes to gameplay variety that is...

Posted on 12/17/14 5:27pm

Dragon Age: Inquisition gets multiplayer and single-player DLC

Bioware has detailed the new 'Destruction' DLC as well as the 'Deluxe Upgrade' for those who purchased the standard copy of the game...

Posted on 12/17/14 4:45pm

GTA V developer discusses first-person mode, online heists, cross-gen play, and Red Dead Redemption reboot

Rockstar recently took some time to answer some fans' questions, and boy did they have a lot to say...

Posted on 12/16/14 5:15pm

Retro City Rampage developer confirms no more ports including a Wii U version

It looks as though Nintendo's latest console won't be receiving the popular indie 8-bit open-world hit...

Posted on 12/16/14 4:10pm

Valve removes Greenlight page for controversial shooter, Hatred

The top down shooter that was revealed to much controversy earlier this year has had its Greenlight page removed by PC publisher, Steam, despite players voting the game through...

Posted on 12/12/14 5:50pm

Sega wants to put Streets of Rage, Shinobi and Crazy Taxi on the big screen amongst others

Sega appears to be looking into taking some of their classic franchises to Hollywood...

Posted on 12/12/14 4:46pm

[Rumor] Australian Ratings Board suggest Gearbox is working on Borderlands Remastered

It looks as though Gearbox's popular RPG/First-person shooter will be entering the new generation with something classic, a recently spotted listing suggests...

Posted on 12/10/14 6:58pm

My 2014 Game of the Year (and honourable mentions) | ThatPunkAdam's Column

As this year in gaming comes to an end, ThatPunkAdam hands out his prestigious Game of the Year Award--an honour so high developers are probably holding their breath in anticipation. Probably…

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