Posted on 11/8/14 3:22am

Peeking under Majora's Mask

With the announcement that Majora's Mask is coming to the 3DS, TheEnglishman looks back at what makes this unique Zelda game so special.

Posted on 4/13/14 2:59am

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Review

TheEnglishman takes a look at the crossover game of two adventure heroes.

Posted on 3/29/14 11:16am

Bravely Default Review

Bravely Default has been touted by some as best JRPG in years, but does the reality match the hype?

Posted on 11/4/13 6:24am

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Review

A review of the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series.

Posted on 7/6/13 5:11am

Could Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney still come west?

Recent comments made by Level-5's president have put this long awaited game back in the spotlight.

Posted on 7/1/13 11:40am

Re-Evaluating Grand Theft Auto IV

With GTA V appearing on the horizon, TheEnglishman takes a look back at Rockstar's last look at Liberty City.

Tom the Iron Man wrote on TheEnglishman's profile.
Posted on 5/14/13 4:55pm

Your avatar is Gamer Cat, I approve of this.

Posted on 5/9/13 3:35pm

Ten Reasons The New Fire Emblem Has 'Awakened' People To The Series

Just what has made the newest Fire Emblem game so popular?

Posted on 1/4/13 4:18pm

My Top Ten Games of 2012

Another top ten games of last year list... OR IS IT??! Yes, yes it is.

Posted on 12/2/12 5:53pm

10 Anticipated Games for 2013

A look at some interesting new titles coming out next year.

Posted on 9/14/12 4:01pm

Re-Evaluating Final Fantasy XIII

Looking at a very divisive game from a new perspective.

Posted on 7/25/12 11:30am

Gaming's Olympians

Which video game characters would be perfect for The Olympics?

Posted on 6/29/12 3:32pm

The Englishman's Top Ten Video Game Series (Version 2)

A new version of an old blog. What are The Englishman's top ten series of all time?

Posted on 6/10/12 8:30am

Is the Video Game industry running out of ideas? - For & Against

An analysis of whether the video game industry is running out of ideas.

Posted on 5/31/12 7:32am

The Englishman's Ramblings #2

Just more general video game observations. What does the Englishman think about Sonic 4 Episode 2, game delays and E3?

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