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Posted on 2/28/14 6:39pm

g1 After Dark Presents:Gangstamation

Come watch cartoons for the older cooler kids

Posted on 9/19/12 1:15am

Working on a blog that shows what two local bands made,a Bioshock song and a song based off two characters from FFVI

Posted on 8/7/12 10:29pm

I'm honestly disappointed in g1s because the Equestria Daily fellas wanted to help with the SGC kickstarter and people just didn't stop bitching about them being bronies and even withdrew pledges,this is honestly one reason people don't think SGC should happen.

Posted on 7/27/12 10:17am

The SGC Kickstarter has slowed down a bit and as Sonic would say "thats no good" if only I could pledge more without getting even more poor.

Master Wayne wrote on theentertainmentguy's profile.
Posted on 7/21/12 8:20am

Dude.... thanks for the RT. as alway's i'm at your disspossal. Live long dude and thanks

Posted on 7/3/12 10:49am

The Protomen are coming to my town so I have to clear my schedule because whether they play Queen Songs(which is awesome) or their own I must see them.

Posted on 7/3/12 10:42am

I just got an Xbox 360 which is something I have not had since Halo 3 was still popular(stupid RROD). I'm actually scared to play it because its an old model and I don't have a cooler for it,BTW my gamertag is TEGisAlex

Posted on 6/15/12 11:51am

i sorta forgot how to check my comments

Ehsan wrote on theentertainmentguy's profile.
Posted on 6/15/12 4:05am

Alex, we need to bring back TEG vs. Ehsan. I have a decent camera that I can record our stuff on. My only worry is my arcade stick, because you can hear an obnoxious "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK" when I play. =P Also, my teams in MvC 2 scream for your blood!

Posted on 5/29/12 6:25pm

Seeing g1 Ehsan talk about Metal Gear Soild 2 (PS2) makes me wanna go back and laugh at the easter eggs and fun moments. I need scissors 61!

Trailers wrote on theentertainmentguy's profile.
Posted on 5/29/12 9:06am

You're the two hundreth subscriber, thanks. :D - Drake

Posted on 5/29/12 12:35am

I should really write something...oh wait I just did,the system works.

Posted on 5/25/12 5:20pm

I have 11 subscribers,to tell you the truth I didn't think I'd make it past 10 but I did AHAHAHAHAHAH I AM THE GREATEST!!!

Goomba Xx wrote on theentertainmentguy's profile.
Posted on 5/25/12 5:02pm

Thank you for the sub Entertainmentguy! I'm the first post on your wall woo!

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