Posted on 9/26/12 2:56pm

Diablo 3 News Update

First look at the Uber Bosses, changes to the loot system, and a 420k+ DPS Demon Hunter.

Posted on 9/20/12 6:36am

EasyDiablo3's Item Giveaway #3

An item giveaway for US and EU players!

Posted on 9/8/12 1:29pm

Are Legendary Items Too Hard To See?

How would you feel if you missed a Legendary drop?

Posted on 9/5/12 2:25pm

Farming Leoric's Signet

My tips for farming Leoric's Signet.

Posted on 9/1/12 5:10pm

Tips for Faster Paragon Leveling in Diablo 3

Want to get to 100 Paragon faster? Read inside!

Posted on 8/29/12 2:26pm

The Fastest Way to Get From 1 to 60 in Diablo 3

A Diablo 3 leveling guide that works post game-limits.

Posted on 8/29/12 6:22am

EasyDiablo3's Item Giveaway #2

A Diablo 3 contest that you can join to win 20 high-level Rare items!

Posted on 8/26/12 1:09pm

Witch Doctor Pet Calculator

A calculator for the new patch 1.0.4 pet system in Diablo 3.

Posted on 8/23/12 3:28pm

The Infamous David Brevik Interview

A look at the Diablo 3 interview that caused a lot of heads to heat up.

Posted on 8/23/12 12:36pm

What I Think of Diablo 3's patch 1.0.4

Increased drop rates, new Legendary items, and class revision, and much more!

Posted on 8/22/12 6:28am

Upcoming buffs to Legendary items in Diablo 3 are awesome!

But they might have upset the economy...

Posted on 8/20/12 5:12am

The Man Behind Deckard Cain!

Are you aware that Deckard Cain is based on a real person?

Posted on 8/16/12 6:45am

Top Tips for Surviving the Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode

Beat the Hardest Diablo 3 mode in style!

Posted on 8/13/12 11:27am

Diablo Patch 1.0.4 - Good or Bad?

My take on the patch 1.0.4 upcoming changes.

Posted on 8/10/12 10:55am

Important! Blizzard got Hacked!

Important information on the recent data breach at Blizzard.

Posted on 8/8/12 12:33pm

Why is Blizzard Not Adding Content to Diablo 3?

Possibly why Blizzard has been neglecting Diablo 3.

Posted on 8/2/12 11:17am

Making Gold in Diablo 3

Some short tips on how to get more gold in Diablo 3.

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